Michelle Williams’s Engagement Ring Will Make You Fall for Dainty Engagement Rings

Michelle Williams’s Engagement Ring Will Make You Fall for Dainty Engagement Rings , News 130

Saturday, June 30, 2018

While some folks in Hollywood are brazenly open about their personal lives, some are overtly private. Actress Michelle Williams falls in the latter category. The four-time Academy Award nominee is fiercely private about her love life and we fully respect that. The actress who was at the center of the Hollywood’s gender discriminatory pay was in news early this year for another reason. She was spotted in Rome kissing her boyfriend businessman Andrew Youmans.  Williams’s fans although mostly vexed by the violation of privacy were thrilled by the news, although Williams never confirmed nor rejected the rumors.

She averted all questions relevant to the sighting and recently she turned up at the Golden Globe where she donned a lovely flowing black gown with a weave of shimmer in the front. However, as her gown garnered a lot of attention as she strolled along on the red carpet, a particular accessory came to the notice of the reporters covering the event. Accessorizing her full black off-shoulder gown was a lovely ring which she wore on the fourth finger of her hand. Suspicions rose immediately but for the moment, the cameramen got busy focusing their lenses on the sparkling lovely piece of work.

One look at it confirms that the ring is a delicate piece of jewelry. When most celebs in Hollywood are going for rock-size sparklers, Michelle stood apart by her distinguished sense of style. Even in the matter of her engagement ring, Williams chose to not divorce from her understated style. The ring, which we later came to know is actually her engagement ring is a charming diamond gold ring. The ring is carved in yellow gold and that alone stood her out from the crowd. Despite the popularity of silver finish, Michelle went for a traditional gold ring which is studded with a lovely heart-cut diamond at the center.

The heart-shaped white diamond sits on a gold band which is rather skinny for the size of the gem it carries. The effect that it produces however in contrast is spectacular. The diamond dazzles on the finger of her wearer as the raw gold of the band strikes up a conflict of colors which is also oddly complimentary to the frosty stone. With a skinny band and a standard-size diamond, the ring is delectably beautiful with aesthetics that rhyme perfectly with her feminine qualities.
The subtle aesthetics and moderate adornment lend the ring the beauty of statement jewelry. Minimal in its built and design, Michelle Williams’s engagement ring is easily one of our favorites among the bling we have seen in Hollywood lately.

Although she remained mum at that time, the news later came to use from different sources that she is really engaged to Andrew Youmans. We are psyched to finally get some sign of confirmation about her engagement. While we hope to see her wedding photos pretty soon, her fans are already keeping an eye out for engagement rings close to her chic sparkler. 


Michelle Williams Heart shaped engagement ring

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