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Emerald Cut Diamond

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Emerald cut Diamonds- a Comprehensive discourse

An illustration of an Emerald cut diamond
A longer than usualy Emerald cut diamond

Emerald cut diamonds are all the vogue these days. It could be the uniqueness of the shape or perhaps the fact that they sell by only a fraction of the total number of diamonds that sell in a year.
Emerald cut diamonds have been a symbol of precition and one of a kind shape, and we believe nothing makes a better choice for the start of your happily-ever-after than emerald cut diamonds. The rare gemstone will profess your undying love more powerfully to your partner than words can ever express.
There is something unbeatable about the stone but what makes it exceptionally valuable is its outline and symmetry. For a high-quality stone, it is essential for its cut corners to reflect the traditional and timeless emerald cut shape.
It is common to find Emerald cut Diamonds in all length to width ratios. The problem with such features is to look for these stones that have perfect symmetry.
To assess the quality of Emerald cut Diamonds, you must consider its symmetry, which is the key indicator of quality. You can assess this by looking at the four cut corners of the stone and ensuring that its shape and size match perfectly. Verify that the culet is exactly at the width center!

Emerald cut Diamonds length to width ratio illustration

Length to width ratio of Emerald cut diamonds, when it’s
square-less than 5.5% longer, it is called Asscher Cut or Square Emerald.

Assessing the Symmetry of  Emerald cut Diamonds-Helpful Tips

An illustration of an Emerald cut diamonds on a hand

Standard Emerald lengths, by carat size,  on a hand.

As we mentioned above, symmetry plays part in determining the quality of Emerald diamond. The fact is that emerald cut is a pressition shape to achieve in a precious and hard stone. But it is also true that the greater the quality of cut and shape, the greater its beauty and value will be.
Hence, when you’re at the jewelry store looking at Emerald cut Diamonds, here’s a helpful tip for you.
-   If the corners length match, from side to side, match perfectly, you have perfect symmetry.
-  To ensure you’re picking perfectly symmetrical diamond, you may pick those which have a length to width ratio of 1:40 to 1:60 but it really depends on your taste. A longer Emerald will make her fingers look longer.
The reason why it is imperative to run this little test when buying these stones is to not end up with an asymmetrical gemstone. Due to the poor corners length, it is common to find asymmetrical stones everywhere. However, the diamond expert salespersons at diamonds-usa.com will always guide you towards symmetrical stones.
You will note how many diamond rings in many stores will have uneven corners, disproportioned length to width ratios, and other flaws too. Let’s take a look at the other essential factors of The Emerald below.

Emerald cut diamonds set in Engagement Rings 

Emerald cu Diamond in a halo ring

Halo Emerald cut diamond engagement ring

When looking for The Emerald cut diamond, it is practical to look for a setting that shields the points of your precious stone. You must know that the most vulnerable part of diamond engagement ring diamonds is the points of the diamond, which is most sensitive to damage.

Finding a perfectly symmetrical Emerald cut diamonds is a stroke of luck, and once you find it, you must be sure to protect it. You could opt for elegant halo or double prongs solitaire settings that do a perfect job of outlining the central diamond in tiny, pave-set precious stones.

Clarity of Emerald cut Diamonds

Finding The Emerald with high clarity grade is essential if top quality is what you desire, An eye clean stone should be VS2 or better. Clarity refers to the absence or minimal presence of inclusions or blemishes ingemstones. The higher the clarity of a diamond, the fewer blemishes, and internal characteristics it will have.

You see, when diamonds rank low in clarity, it means that the diamond has a greater number of blemishes and flaws in it, diminishing their beauty and value. It is possible for any naked or untrained eye to miss seeing the blemishes. If you peer closely and still cannot tell if the ring have any blemishes in them, then you can always refer to the gemological lab certificate for verification.

Emerald cut diamonds - Pros and Cons

If you have your emerald cut set on the engagement ring, then you must understand its pros and cons before you purchase. If you’re set on buying this exquisite shape for your special one, here are some factors you need toknow about before you make a final decision.

If you absolutely want this spectacular shape so that it serves as a life long reminder of your love and commitment, then here’s what to know:


-         They are comparatively less expensive than their round-shaped counterparts. Even if they are the same in quality and size, they still fall      less expensive.

-         Emerald cut diamonds have absolutely unique step-cut facet arrangement styles, so their brightness and scintillating are of unique style.

-         Emerald cut diamonds have a tremendously distinctive shape and catch more attentionthan the other shapes.

-         It ispossible to locate an SI1 that will be eye clean.


-         If you prefer classic diamond shapes, the emerald cut shape might not be your first preference, after all.

-         It can be more challenging to assess the light performance and cut quality of  Emerald cut Diamonds.

-         They are relatively rare, so there will be a limited selection to choose from.

-         Due to the lack of the reflections that step cuts has, it is necessary to take a VS2 orbetter clarity.

Final Thoughts

The Emerald cut diamonds are becoming popular with time. Perhaps it is the traditional emerald cut shape that serves as a timeless reminder of love or the exquisite craftsmanship that makes it a particularly ideal choice for lovers. Whatever the reasons, there’s no doubt that they are a worthy investment if you choose them with a critical eye and careful attention to detail.

Picture of Square Emerald cut Diamond

Square Emerald-The Asscher cut diamond

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