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  EGL -European Gemological Laboratories            

          EGL diamond's Laboratory logo

 EGL certificates online verification


           The lab's mission is to take the guesswork out of buying diamonds or a precious stone.  EGL clients are professional wholesalers, retailers, manufactures and craftsman in the diamond industry. EGL does not sell diamonds or gems nor do they evaluate and are totally independent of any diamond sales organization.

The diamond certificate records all the relevant information pertaining to the diamond, including carat weight, color grade, clarity grade, measurements and physical properties as well as plotting diagrams.

EGL Diamonds – History

 The President - Guy Margel - obtained his diploma in Gemology in 1969 at the American Gemological Society. In 1974 he returned to Belgium and opened the first gemological institute in Antwerp, known today as E.G.L. Guy Margel has subsequently opened laboratories in the following cities:

            EGL Labs location:

  Israel-       Ramat-Gan

  Belgium-    Antwerp

  USA-            New-York

  USA-          Los Angeles

  USA-          USA

  S. Africa-   Johanesburg

  France-      Paris

  UK-           London

  Korea-       Seoul

 International Gemological Laboratories

IGL diamond's Laboratory logo

IGL certificates online verification

       The IGL Diamond Certificate provides a reliable and accurate documentation of a diamond’s identity and grade based on the internationally recognized diamond grading system. Using state-of-the-art equipment, each diamond is analyzed by several gemologists in order to provide the most accurate description of the diamond’s quality and characteristics. The carat, color, clarity and cut – commonly             known as the 4 C’s of each diamond are clearly stated on each diamond certificate. Additional grading characteristics such as the finish, girdle, culet and fluorescence are also detailed on the certificate. A diagram of the diamond displaying any  inclusions is also included on the certificate.


UK-           London

Belgium-   Antwerpen

Israel-       Ramat-Gan

Russia-      Moscow

USA-         New-York

Canada-    Toronto

CGL-Certified Gemological Laboratories 

CGL  diamond's Laboratory logo

CGL-Online certificates verification


       At CGL, they know that the international diamond business is fast-moving  and dynamic, and that quick turnarounds, high quality grading and superior levels of service are critical.

That's why they offer several very important advantages to members of the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE), as well as members of other diamond bourses around the world and the wider public:

 #Fast, thorough, exact and professional grading services.

 # Independent, third-party grading. We guarantee the absolute objectivity of their grading results by using a double coding system: one set of codes is given to the owner, while the other follows the diamond in the lab. Strict anonymity guarantees strict objectivity. 

  # their professional graders do not have access to the names of people submitting diamonds for grading.

  #their graders are the most professional in the diamond business, with great experience and sharp eye for detail and committed to

impartiality and using state-of-the-art equipment while working to CGL's independent global diamond grading standards.

  #Adherence to the strictest levels of CGL international diamond grading standard nomenclature.

  #they provide certificates for natural diamonds, jewelry and colored gemstones.

       Israel-                Diamond Exchange center, Ramat-Gan.

      Belgium-            Diamond Club, Antwerp.

      USA-                  Flagler Jewelry Center, Miami

      Korea-               Seoul, South Korea

      Russia-              Moscow, coming soon

      Bulgaria-            Sofia


GIA-The Gemological Institute of America
     GIA diamond's Laboratory logo

GIA            GIA-certificates online verification


The GIA was established in 1931 as a nonprofit educational resource for the gem and jewelry industry. The GIA is committed to helping both the industry and the consumer public in understanding the dynamic world of gemology through its vast network of educational programs and services. By providing jewelers with knowledge tools and training to better serve consumers, the GIA strives to promote the integrity of the industry and secure the public's trust.

       GIA Diamonds History

       In the 1950s, the GIA developed the first internationally accepted Diamond Grading System. This system provides unbiased opinions on the quality of polished diamonds by applying uniform criteria to their grading. The GIA also introduced the first diamond grading report that utilizes this system in setting the standard for diamond quality documentation around the world.
       To maintain its position as an unbiased arbiter of standards in diamond grading and gem identification, the GIA Diamonds refrains from any involvement in the buying, selling or appraising gems and jewelry. Throughout its 67-year history, the Institute has maintained a strict ethics policy and holds itself to this code which has protected and enhanced its reputation throughout the decades. In effect, the GIA Diamond cannot and does not compete with the gem and jewelry trade; accordingly, the GIA is able to fulfill its nonprofit mission and effectively serve the public at large.

       GIA- Hong Kong

       GIA- Italy

       GIA- Japan, Tokyo

       GIA-Japan, Osaka

       GIA-Los Angeles

       GIA-New York

       GIA- Moscow

       GIA- Thailand

       GIA Taiwan


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