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Bridal ring sets are wedding and engagement rings that have been designed to be worn together.
An example for bridal ring set is a wedding ring with a channel or bezel setting,coupled with or with out side stones.
Choose that perfect bridal set from our extensive online range. Alternatively,design your dream ring now.

Why You Should Buy Your Engagement and Wedding Rings Together
An engagement ring is one of the most vital buys in one’s life. Unlike the other times when you buy an ornament to present to your special one, this one requires extra care and mindfulness. You cannot pick just something that catches your eye to make the proposal of a lifetime. It requires significant time and research, brainstorming and ideas bursts to have a vision of the perfect ring. Then, chasing that vision is another thing.
Although we cannot remotely envision that perfect ring for you, we may have some suggestions that can make the drill of buying rings for your engagement and wedding a tad easier. The first approach to finding a perfect set of rings is to scoop them up together.

If you buy your engagement ring and wedding rings on two separate trips, there is very little chance that you will hit the pot both times. Alternately, we have seen that grabbing them all at once have a greater chance of success.

So, here is how buying the engagement and wedding rings together makes the process less stressful.

The Rings Will Be a Perfect Match: Even if you choose to buy them separately, the rings have to be a perfect match. Now wedding rings come in sets. So, one way or the other, they will gel. But, for the engagement ring to be an esthetic match for the wedding ring, you have to make a comparative view, and the only way you can get a comparative view is when you buy them at the same time. Even though it may not strike you at the time of engagement ring hunting, but the wedding ring and engagement ring have to look seamless together.

The idea is to find two rings for the engagement and wedding that look great together. If you put together two very different looking rings, it would be aesthetically questionable, not the mention an embarrassment for the wearer. So, how stunning they look individually does not count if they don’t work with one another.

Batch Purchase Is Eligible for Greater Discounts: When buying online, expect to avail some discount on your purchase. But, if you purchase more than just one item, you stand eligible to use a greater discount. It may not be as huge as to knock the price off by half, but it will make a significant shrinkage in the net amount. With that, you can make some significant savings.

It Costs Less When Shipped Together: Monetarily, buying the rings together is a practical choice. When you buy your engagement ring and wedding rings together from one retailer, you get a discount on the shipping. Delivering the products together costs the seller less than dispatching them separately. And if shipping is free there will already be discount in the set price. So, when you buy them together, you only pay for shipping once. Leave the wedding rings for later, you will pay twice for the shipping, not to mention run the risk of a catastrophic mismatch.

Purchasing Together Means Less Research: Engagements are stressful, and no matter how much you prepare, the nervousness will inevitably show up at the last moment threathning to ruin hours of rehearsal. So, what you can use at the time is one problem scratched off the list. Researching in itself is a headache, and while you cannot skip it altogether, you can cut it down by buying the rings together. Just learn her size, style and taste in jewelry and you are set. Choose the engagement ring first, and with that out of the way, finding the wedding rings is only a matter of looking for a close match.

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