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Clarity Enhanced diamonds

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Clarity Enhanced Diamonds


Inspect our 2.31 carats G SI1 CE,Ideal-Cut

Many diamonds mined from the core of the earth undergo some sort of treatment in the laboratories before they are rolled out in the market, but those that are labeled “clarity enhanced” are especially treated to look clearer. Ahead in this article, I’ll talk about this treatment in particular.

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds- What Are They?

Enhanced diamonds are like any other natural diamonds that have been made to undergo a treatment that has reduced the visibility of their imperfections. All diamonds, except the flawless kind has some inclusions and blemishes in them, some more visible than the other. Clarity of a diamond is graded by the presence of these flaws. Clarity enhanced diamonds are not necessarily eye-clean, or in other words, they have any of the clarity imperfections that are in the clarity scale, from VVS to I1, I2, rest assured they were born worse. 

Diamonds from SI2 and down are normally picked for clarity enhancement. This is because stones in this category carry maximum inclusions, some of which is even eye visible. Now inclusion is not a quality that is appreciated in diamonds. Even people who pick diamonds from these categories do not want their stones to show their blemishes. That makes clarity enhancement a necessity to make these stones presentable and desirable. 

Are There Any Guarantees with Clarity Enhanced Diamonds?

At Diamonds-USA. We guarantee that an enhanced diamond bought from us will not turn “un-enhanced” or “unfilled” in your lifetime. However, should anything of this nature happens by customer's mistake (putting open torch fire on the diamond at the jewelers), you can always send the stone back to us without any loss at your end.
Here is our guarantee: Inc. Clarity Enhanced diamonds life-time warranty:


The clarity enhancement process will last forever.

Using a direct torch flame

On the diamond will damage it's enhancement,

(There is no need for using 

a torch while setting the diamond).

Please advise your jeweler regarding

this matter. In any case of need 

and without time limit Diamonds-USA

will re do the enhancement free of charge.

No questions asked

We have more Clarity Enhanced diamonds, Email us your request

How to Tell an Enhanced Diamond Apart?

It is very easy to tell enhanced diamonds apart from the untreated. As I have said earlier, clarity enhanced diamonds are eye clear. Under magnification, the flaws show clearly. However, one is not expected to go to such lengths as to make inspections to learn if a diamond is clarity enhanced or not. A buyer shouldn’t even be needed to enquire about it. It’s something a seller should disclose to their buyers at the point of sale. Especially if a seller offers you a seemingly blemish-free diamond for a suspiciously low price, that’s your cue to ask if it’s a clarity enhanced diamond.
Not that there is anything particularly wrong with a diamond whose clarity is enhanced, but a buyer should know about it before the purchase is made. While it’s his responsibility to inform the buyers fully about the diamond, some sellers are slow to parting with such details. Authentic websites distinctly label all clarity-enhanced diamonds, look at Diamonds-USA loose diamonds search results, on our catalogue they are marked as “CE” as so whereby the buyers have full information of what they are paying for.

The clarity enhancement red hue, table side view

Picture1-table side view-hard to locate the enhancement signs

For that we look and inspect from underneath where the neon hue is obvious. See Pictures 2 and 3 below:

Clarity enhanced diamond blue hue, bottom Princess view

Picture 2: The blue hue reflected from the filling
       substanceof the clarity enhanced diamond

Clarity enhancement red hue of the filler, bottom in a round diamond
Picture 3: Reddish hue of the enhancement filler

The white tunnel of the laser drill to the enhanced feather, not seen

Picture 4: Laser drills to reach internal feathers for enhancement

Do I Want to Put an Enhanced Diamond on an Engagement Ring?

That depends a lot on your preference and affordability. There is a section of people who are very happy with these diamonds. The only buyers who are unhappy are those who have unwittingly bought them. Enhanced diamonds are a smart and affordable choice that has given diamonds of upper grades a run for their money. They look great, as long as the other 3Cs are fairly good, and they appeal easily to budget buyers. With enhanced ones, people can buy much bigger diamonds for a given budget.

 This has taken the business away from jewelers who deal in high priced diamonds only. 

That said, if you are looking to buy the biggest diamond for your buck, then the options in the clarity enhanced section will surprise you.

Do Prices Drop because of Clarity Enhancement? 

No, but that’s no cause for disappointment and here is why:

 When someone buys clarity enhanced diamonds, he or she is in essence, paying only for the grade the diamond originally was. For example, if the diamond in question is I1, and after enhancement it looks like SI1, the buyer would still be paying for I1 quality that the stone originally was.

 The enhanced diamonds market is strong and steady, we at Diamonds-USA sell them for over 20 years with great success.

What Are the Probable Causes of fading of the Clarity Enhancement?
There are three reasons for that. Two are not relevant for human’s life style. According to
GIA research on fracture filled diamonds that has rigorously tested clarity enhanced diamonds in their laboratories cites three causes for the filings to come out.

Exposure to Flame: The first thing that can undo the enhancement is open torch fire. Exposing the stone to fire for a prolonged period of time can cause the inside filling to fall out, reverting the stone back to its former clarity quality. A momentary touch of fire does not however have a lasting effect on the treatment.

Exposure to strongest Acids at Boiling Temperature: Dipping the stone in boiling acid is another thing that can cause the filling to come out of the stone. So, if you are wearing a clarity enhanced diamond, it’s best to avoid working with acid at high temperature while wearing it.

Re-cutting: Re-cutting is another thing that will undo the enhancement. If you have a clarity enhanced diamond that you want recut into some other shape, my advice would be putting it through a cutting process once again and then re fill it with us.

Long story short, boiling acid and torch, both of which are things a jeweler uses are best avoided exposing such a stone to. In a situation where you have send your ring to a jeweler for repair or remake, inform that about the stone so that they take care to un mount the diamond before working on the ring. The simple practice is to un-mount the center diamond before goldsmith work with a torch-that simple

Clarity enhanced diamonds before and after the enhancement
Top:Before, Bottom: After enhancement

Clarity Enhanced diamonds explanation video

Why Clarity Enhanced diamonds? explained by the inventor
of the Clarity Enhancement process Mr. Zvi Yehuda.

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