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Diamonds FAQ, return policy and more

What is your return policy?
You have 30 days from the day you signed for the parcel, to inspect your purchase. Within these 30 days you may ask to return it, you will get full refund. You do not have to return your purchase within the 30 days; only let us know that you want to return it. Customer pays for the return shipping cost we cover it with insurance.Any Questions? Email Us
Do you have any kind of financing?

We have installment payments, our Lay-Away plan, you get the jewel after all payments were done.

What are the delivery times and countries you ship to?
We ship via FedEx or DHL free insured shipping.

Average delivery times are

1)USA, Canada, EU & Eastern Europe: 7-14 working days, time is depending on the specific diamond you choose and on metal type, Platinum or Gold . We ship in USA to APO's and POBox also.
Ask us about expedited deliveries.

2)Australia & New-Zealand:  8-14 working days
Ask us about expedited deliveries

3)Mexico, centeral and south Americas: 8-14 working days
Ask us about expedited deliveries

We DO NOT SHIP to: Africa, Afghanistan, Malaysia,Indonesia, Iran and middle East.
Have more question? Email Us.
What do you charge over the price tag for shipping insurance or Taxes?
We ship worldwide, it is free fully insured shipping. Our prices are all inclusive.
What guaranties I have that the diamonds I receive are actually the diamonds I ordered ?
You are covered by the Credit Card companies for "not as advertised product" or "product did not arrive", you may charge us back with only this reason.

We ship every diamond with it's independent laboratory report, EGL IGL CGL EGS or GIA. During the inspection period you may independently appraise your jewel. We offer a no questions asked 30 days money back guarantee. The 30 days are from the day you receive your diamonds purchase. Should you elect to return your diamonds for any reason throughout this ten days interim, you will receive a full refund. We have been selling diamonds over the net since 1997 and had a very low return rate.

What types of payment do you accept?
We accept cards from all countries we ship to.For example Mexican credit/debit cards from Mexican customers etc.Major credit cards; American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Read about it on our Terms & Conditions page.
Wire Transfers - you get a 2% discount off of the website price.

Within the USA there is no tax.All other countries please Email Us for shipping options.
How long till I'll get my purchase after it was paid for?
.We ship to APO's.and P.O.Box. We always measure the time from the date the order was screened against fraud. There are many combinations of diamonds-jewel metal-countries to deliver to, the best is to email us or come on the Live Chat to ask us specifically how long it will take to deliver your item. For example,  the quickest is a loose "in house" diamond to USA, it takes 2-3 days.The longest will be shipping to Australia a Platinum ring set with a diamond that is for sale with a broker in the trade market. This might take 2 weeks.
How do I find my finger size?
By measuring the inside diameter of one of your existing rings.Please refer to the Conversion Chart at our "Find Your Finger Size".
What does clarity enhancement mean?
Clarity enhancement is a process in the manufacturing of diamonds. We enhance the clarity of the finished diamond by inserting a substance into the surface imperfections of the diamond which makes them invisible. This process improves the clarity grade by an average of two grades.
Not every diamond can be clarity enhanced because only specific flaws can be fixed. Actually only one out of every 500 diamonds is a candidate for clarity enhancement.
The clarity stated in the EGS/EGL certificate indicates the current clarity after enhancement was done. This process is well established, and it is in use for more than ten years.
We give a life time warranty for clarity enhanced diamonds process, we will fix any problem at our expense. Until today, we have yet to receive a single complaint about our diamonds.We fixed only few diamonds during these many years. With our Clarity Enhanced diamonds the sparkle, reflections, and overall brilliance stays the same as a non enhanced diamond.

For more details refer to page Clarity Enhanced Diamonds.
I found a diamond that I like at your web-site , is it available?
Most of the diamonds that are shown in our web-site are available for purchase.To complete our in house inventory we outsource diamonds as well, they are also for sale in the trade market.
Do you have a diamonds selection show room ?
No,, being a manufacturing company and maintaining its wholesale prices to the public, does not have any show room at this time.
What is "Clean to the naked eye"?
By definition diamonds with clarities of I.F , VVS1, VVS2, VS1 , VS2 , SI1 , SI2 , are eye clean (= clean to the naked eye,clean to an unaided eye looking from top down from 25 cm distance) SI3 is the border line and in some cases SI2 as well. For that reason we also checked each SI2 diamond in our inventory and marked our opinion regarding the visibility of the SI2.
Diamond Pricing Factors
Diamonds value is related to their Color, Clarity Cut and Carat weight-these are the famous diamonds 4C's.The highest color in the diamonds color scale is "D"(colorless)and going down to more yellow shades ending at "Z" color. To learn all about diamond colors, percentage proportions and clarity definitions please go to the Diamonds Tutorial Page. Usually our in house diamond inventory will be cheaper than the outsourced diamonds we show.
What is a "Laser Drill?"
Laser drill hole is a microscopic hole we make with a laser beam to reach an inner black carbon inclusion so it can be removed by boiling the diamond with a very strong acid. It is a common procedure and cannot be detected by the naked eye and sometimes even with a magnifying glass. This is an irreversible process.
What is Fluorescence?

Definition of Fluorescence

The Ultraviolet (UV) rays are invisible to the human eye yet they become visible in the form of fluorescence that is emitted by diamonds on being exposed to the UV rays. The fluorescence is not long standing though and is only evident for the period of exposure of the diamond. The GIA report of a diamond defines fluorescence in terms of intensity that is actually the reaction strength of the diamond when exposed to the ‘long wave UV,’ an inherent constituent of the daylight.

How Common Is Fluorescence

This phenomenon is quite common in diamonds and the fact can be derived by studying the GIA reports for the last ten years. Almost 25%-35% of all diamonds have been discovered as showing some amount of fluorescence. The fluorescence is not too strong in most of the diamonds, however, and only about 10% of those examined can have an effect on the appearance of the diamond. The lab reports indicate these as having medium strong or very strong fluorescence. While blue is the color of fluorescence in 95% of all diamonds a few of them may be seen as yellow, white or some other color.

How Is The Appearance Affected By Fluorescence

The GIA reports reveal no appreciable change in appearance for most of the diamonds. However, diamonds with medium to strong fluorescence are mostly preferred by the observers of this property. GIA reports also reveal that in extremely rare cases ( i.e. in 0.2% of all diamonds examined) the diamond appears to be hazy.

Is The Structure Of A Diamond Destroyed By Fluorescence?

The internal structure of a diamond that radiates fluorescence is virtually the same as the one without any fluorescence. However, any change in its structure at the submicroscopic level or shifting of the particles can cause fluorescence or prevent it although none of these changes are responsible for weakening the diamond structure or causing any negative effects.

Fluorescence as a term means that a diamond will glow (in blue) under a UV lamp. It was used originally in diamond certifications as additional information for identification.

The impact of blue fluorescence on price depends on its noticeability. For some higher color stones, fluorescence gives the stone a milky white appearance, which greatly lowers value. In some instances, the fluorescence is hardly noticeable and has minimal impact on the stone's brilliance and value. Fluorescence often adds value to lower color stones as it gives the stones a whiter, brighter appearance. Some buyers regularly pay better prices for highly fluorescent "I" color and lower stones. Yellow fluorescence may require an additional 5 to 10 percent discount. Generally, the higher the quality and price per carat the stronger fluorescence lowers value.
For your information,we do not have any diamonds in stock that are milky or cloudy.
Price adjustments required for blue fluorescence diamonds:

For "D" to "H" colors:

Very Strong(=very distinct),I.F to VS2: -8% to -12%, SI1 to I3 : -3% to 0%
Strong(=Distinct)I.F to VS2: -5% to - 7%,SI1 to I3: -1% to 0%
Medium(=Moderate)I.F to VS2: -2% to - 4%,SI1 to I3: 0%
Slight to Faint:0%

For "I" to "N" colors:

Strong and Very Strong 0% to +4% !!!
Medium 0% to +3% !!!
What is the effect of "Polish" and "Symmetry" Lab grades on Brilliance and Fire of diamonds?
A common mistake about what controls the "fire" or brilliance of a diamond -This mistake is made by in-trade professionals as well !!
The "life" (brilliance & fire) of a diamond is determined mostly by the proportions and the angles of the facets and not by the "Symmetry" or "Polish" grades stated by the EGL or GIA grading reports (certificates).
For example :If a diamond is cut with all facets symmetrical and the final polish of the facets (which can be notified only through a microscope) is perfect the diamond will be graded "Very Good" or better in "Polish" and "Symmetry" BUT if the the Depth% of this diamond will be 54% and the crown angle will be 22 degrees the diamond will look dull and with VERY LITTLE brilliance !!
What is "Cut" and " Ideal Cut "?
If you're purchasing a diamond for personal enjoyment, such as an engagement or anniversary ring, you should focus your efforts on finding a diamond that is brilliant.
The beauty of a diamond is its brilliance called often as " fire" or "life” , it is determined by the diamond's "CUT" and a little by its color. The best brilliance (the reflections of light coming out of the diamond) is achieved by the "Ideal-Cut " diamond, in round diamonds mathematically proven and in other shapes determined by trade thumb rules and visual inspection.
Some people really lose touch of reality and get caught up in the quest for the perfect diamond. A basic understanding of the GIA grading system will ensure that you get the most for your money and don't get taken advantage of, and the "Ideal-Cut" to the "Very Good cut" will ensure you will get a diamond that has the best brilliance.
No one can tell the difference between AGS"0" and AGS"2" or between I.F (FLAWLESS) to a VS2 or between a D to an F color from just looking at a set diamond!!!
GIA Researchers Conduct Study on Round Brilliant Cuts. Researchers at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) concluded from the results of a study on diamond cut that there is no single best set of proportions for a round brilliant diamond that maximizes fire. The results appear in an article titled "Modeling the Appearance of the Round Brilliant Cut Diamond: An Analysis of Fire, and More About Brilliance," published in the Fall 2001 issue of Gems & Gemology.

Ref: GIA Analysis of Fire, and More About Brilliance
What are AGS "0"."1" "2"......"10" cut grades?
AGS "0" is the first and best Ideal Cut as defined for Round diamonds by the A.G.S. (American Gem Society). Using a scale of zero to ten, the worst is AGS "10." We at regard AGS "0","1"and"2" as "Ideal-Cuts".
What is an "Excellent Ideal Cut","Tolkowsky Ideal Cut" or "Premium Cut"?
EGL laboratory defined this cut grades for Round diamonds , "Excellent" is first "Tolkowsky" is second and "Premium" is third best cut.
What are Color-Enhanced Diamonds?
Fancy colored diamonds are natural diamonds that have been treated with electron accelerators operating at various energy levels, according to the color required. The treatment creates a highly stable and permanent color change, without leaving any harmful traces of radiation on the diamond. Therefore, the diamond can be used in jewelry immediately.
As only one of every 10.000 mined diamonds is a natural fancy color diamond, Fancy color diamond Jewelry became extremely rare and therefore very fancy color enhanced diamond Jewelry collection are the closest you can get to the real thing at a fraction of price.
what are the facts about Fancy Colored Enhanced Diamonds?
1. The color will not fade, it penetrates the entire diamond.
2. Fancy Colored Enhanced Diamonds are not lab created; they are natural and real diamonds.
3. Although color enhanced Diamonds have color, they still poses the same refractive index, vv because they are natural and than has the same brilliance after the enhancement.
4. Fancy colored Diamonds Don't become radioactive!
5. Fancy colored enhanced Diamonds may come in Blue, Green, Canary, Yellow or even Pink.
6.They look exactly the same as the natural Fancy color diamonds only at a fraction of the price.

Is Platinum the same as white Gold?
No, it is quite different. During World War II, the US government prohibited platinum use in non-military applications, including diamond jewelry. Because of strong consumer preference at that time for platinum's white look, white gold was substituted in platinum's absence. To create white Gold, yellow gold is alloyed with other metals (Read below). Signs of wear, including scratches, will inevitably appear in all precious metals including Platinum. When your jewel will develop visible scratches it is the time for maintenance, re polishing and re dipping it (in case of white gold).

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