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Loose Diamonds by shape

Certified loose Diamonds by Diamonds-USA

We carefully examine each individual stone and then make our purchases at the lowest possible prices.

The selected loose diamonds are then sent to the company's facilities,where expert diamond cutters,using computer technology and fine workmanship,polish each stone to create loose diamonds of outstanding beauty and great value.

In the search below no field is mandatory, you may select the diamond(s) shapes and budget to get results.which you may narrow the results by limiting any other field to get an eye clean and white diamond you may choose H or better color (D to H) and SI1 or better clarity (IF,VVS or VS),if you are on a budget that does not get results go down to SI2 which many are also eye clean or go down with the color to I or J.
If you didn't find what you are looking for please Email Us. 

and we will locate that special diamond you are after.

Find Your Perfect Loose Diamonds:
  • Round loose diamond


    For almost 100 years, cutters have been perfecting their art in effort to achieve the grandeur and luster of the round diamond.

    View All Round cut diamonds
  • Cushion cut loose diamond picture


    Gently rounded like a cushion, this exceptional cut has been in high demand for over a century as a solitaire.

    View All Cushion cut diamonds
  • Princess cut loose diamond picture


    Brilliant, square diamonds with no trimmed corners. An extremely popular choice for engagement rings.

    View All Princess cut diamonds
  • Radiant Cut diamond, loose


    Rare and unique, the Radiant Diamond features beautiful barely trimmed corners. This blazing cut makes an exceptional choice.

    View All Radiant cut diamonds
  • Oval cut loose diamond picture


    Elegant and luminous, oval diamonds compliment feminine fingers, and are usually extremely fashionable among small-handed women.

    View All Oval cut diamonds
  • Pear shaped loose diamond picture


    Pear shaped diamonds go back to the 1400s. These stones are most popular as engagement rings & pendants.

    View All Pear cut diamonds
  • Emerald cut loose diamond picture


    A rectangular cut of the emerald diamonds featuring trimmed corners and rectangular facets, popular when set with accent stones.

    View All Emerald cut diamonds
  • Heart shaped loose diamond picture


    The heart shape is mostly in demand in recent years for pendants. High color level is important as it is visible at the corners.

    View All Heart cut diamonds
  • Marquise cut loose diamond picture


    This slim and point-ended cut, set parallel to the finger & often embellished by accent stones. Popular for wedding rings.

    View All Marquise cut diamonds
  • Asscher cut loose diamond picture


    A uniquely modified square Emerald. Being a trademark design cut, Asscher diamonds are short in supply and highly sought-after.

    View All Asscher cut diamonds
  • Trillion cut loose diamond picture


    These stones are often used in stud earrings. Chosen wisely, this cut can be a splendid center stone.

    View All Trillion cut diamonds
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