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Lab Created Diamonds

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Earth-Created diamonds
Lab-Created diamonds

Earth-Created diamonds / Lab-Created diamonds


Earth-Created diamonds:
Choose an Earth-Created diamond for a stunning, natural, and certified conflict-free choice for engagement rings and fine jewelry.

Lab-Created diamonds:
Choose a lab-created diamond for a chic engagement ring or jewelry choice with an advanced origin, all certified.

  1. Round cut diamond
  2. Pear cut diamond
  3. Oval cut diamond
  4. Marquise cut diamond
  5. Emerald cut diamond
  6. Princess cut diamond
  7. Heart cut diamond
  8. Radiant cut diamond
  9. Triangle cut diamond
  10. Asscher cut diamond
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Why Opt for Lab Created Diamonds?

Lab Grown diamonds look identical to natural diamonds
Lab created Diamond engagement rings


Lab created diamonds offer tremendous value. If you’re looking for diamonds that fall within your budget, they provide affordable options as opposed to mined diamonds. Not to mention, they do so without compromising on quality and size.


Engineered diamonds feature similar optical, chemical, and physical properties as natural diamonds, allowing them to offer the highest quality.

No Mining

Lab created diamonds don't require mining, preventing any environmental damage.

What are Lab created diamonds?

Lab created diamonds, commonly known as engineered diamonds, man-made diamonds, and cultured diamonds, are produced or grown using cutting-edge technology in a highly controlled environment. Using this equipment, experts mimic the natural procedure that allows for the production of earth-grown diamonds in the mantle beneath the earth's crust. Engineered diamonds also contain real carbon atoms that are arranged in the same way as mined diamonds. Since they are made from the same material, carbon, they show the same chemical and optical properties.
Diamond USA features a variety of lab-grown diamonds. Our diamonds are also available in various colors, including unique shades that are hard to find in mined diamonds, such as vivid yellow. Also, unique colored diamonds come with a reasonable price tag compared to natural diamonds.

How are Man-Made Diamonds Made?

Diamond USA prepares lab diamonds from the tiny carbon seeds of mined diamonds. Advanced technology, like the special deposition process, called CVD or extreme heat and pressure, replicates the natural process that creates mined diamonds. At Diamond USA, some engineered diamonds are processed under pressure and heat treatment after they’re created. Engineered colored diamonds are made by introducing a small number of specific residue elements during the growth stage of man-made diamonds. This is the same way naturally grown diamonds end up colored.

But in fancy and white-colored diamonds, the number of introduced trace elements may differ from that of naturally growing diamonds. An engineered diamond can only be identified using special methods and equipment to indicate minor differences in crystal growth and trace elements.

What are the Advantages of Lab created diamonds?

Diamonds produced in laboratories offer the same appeal and look as natural diamonds. Both diamonds have the same chemical and physical properties and experience the same pressure and temperature conditions. However, the creation of lab created diamonds doesn’t involve questionable ethical procedures that are commonly used to mine diamonds. Plus, engineered diamonds offer much better quality since they’re produced in a thoroughly monitored process and controlled environment. Some of the benefits of man-made diamonds are:

  • Minimal to no defects
  • More attractive appearance due to higher purity and brighter quality
  • Cost-effective
  • No environmental damages
  • Offer unique colors that are not found in nature, allowing you to benefit from unique pieces.
  • Companies offering lab created diamonds also offer pretty ring settings
  • Engineered diamonds require a sustainable process for production, such as chemical vapor deposition (CVD). This allows companies to keep up with demand without impacting the environment and sacrificing quality.

What are Sustainably Produced Diamonds?

Diamond USA has been producing sustainable and beautiful diamonds. They are sustainable lab created diamonds since they don’t use harmful techniques that pollute the environment. We also use technology that doesn't cause harm, like the mining procedure, making man-made diamonds a better option to protect the environment.

How are Engineered Diamonds Graded and Certified?

2 carat lab created Oval shaped Diamond
Lab Created diamond of a 2 carat

At Diamond USA, all lab created diamonds are made with the same process. After production, we send them to a gemological laboratory to get them certified.

Grading Engineered diamonds is similar to the process of grading mined diamonds. We pay great attention to the colors, carat, clarity, and cut of a gemstone. Clarity is an important factor that limits defects and cracks in the diamond and improves appearance. The cut is another factor that refers to the brilliance and finish of the diamond, while carat is the measurement of the gemstone's weight and size. Our team inspects each diamond and ensures that they offer the highest quality.

Diamond rings are the best gift you can give someone. However, purchasing a beautiful diamond ring with fantastic accents and a center diamond can cost you a lot. Affordable lab created diamonds make it easy to show your spouse how much you cherish them. You’ll be able to gift an exceptional piece that falls within your budget and doesn’t harm the environment.

Lab Created Diamond Search

Lab Grown diamonds look identical to natural diamonds
Lab created and natural diamonds search is identical

Lab-Created Diamonds vs. Diamonds Stimulants

It’s important to understand the difference between diamondstimulants and lab-created diamonds. Like moissanite and cubic zirconia,Diamond stimulants look similar to diamonds but don't have the same carboncomposition. Therefore, stimulants don't offer the same physical and chemicalproperties as natural diamonds and sell at much lower prices compared to engineereddiamonds. It’s also easy to differentiate stimulants from lab-created or naturaldiamonds.

Lab-created and natural diamonds have thermic conductivity propertiesthat help experts identify them using a hand diamond checker, differentiatingthem from cubic zirconia. Some natural or lab-created diamonds can mistakenly beidentified as moissanite when using specific diamond testers. This is because theyhave similar electrical conductivity properties. A gemologist can easily identifythe moissanite and diamond just by looking. This is because of their differentrefractive properties, as diamonds are single refractive, and moissanite is doublerefractive.

Our Popular Styles

Learn about some of our demanding settings to style your lab created diamonds.

The Classic Style Solitaire

The Classic solitaire for Lab Created Diamonds

Oval delicate halo engagement ring

 Oval delicate halo engagement ring

Petite Shared Prongs

shared prongs accents, venter 4 or 6 prongs

Lab Created Diamond Ring Settings

We pair engineered diamonds with diamond accents to offer beautifuland one-of-a-kind engagement rings. Using lab-created diamonds in the center and as accents natural ones, we offer a spectacular design that aligns with your requirements. Based on the chosen style, we look for an appropriate accent diamond to match the chosen center diamond.

center is lab created accents are natural

We match the accent natural diamionds to the center Lab diamond

Diamond-USA's lab diamonds show the same chemical, physical, andoptional properties as natural diamonds. They show the same scintillation,sparkle, and fire. A jeweler’s loupe makes it impossible to tell man-made diamondsfrom natural ones.

Man-made diamonds contain some of the trace elements as natural ones.This ensures that engineered diamonds look and feel the same as naturaldiamonds. The only way to differentiate between both types of diamonds is to gothrough them from specialized tests that use unique equipment. Purchased man-madediamonds always should have gem certifications, proving that they’re laboratory-growndiamonds.

So, decide from our impeccable variety of man-made diamonds by checkingout our online inventory. First, choose your desired style. Then, our team willset your chosen diamond in the right recycled platinum or gold setting.

Discover Lab created diamonds by Color

Lab created Yellow diamond

Lab created Yellow diamond

Lab created Blue Diamond

Lab created Blue Diamond


Are Lab-Created Diamonds Affordable?

These diamonds provide quality and aesthetics at a lower price thannatural diamonds, making them a cost-effective option.

How to Identify Lab Testes Diamonds?

They have the same chemical, physical, and optical characteristicsas mined diamonds and offer the same sparkle, scintillation, and fire. The onlyway to identify lab-created diamonds is by undergoing them through a specialtest.

Do Lab-created diamonds have any Defects?

Lab-grown diamonds may have some defects like surface inclusions sincethey’re produced using the same methods as natural diamonds. The defects areminimal and even make your man-made diamonds look natural.

Are Lab-created diamonds Cloudy?

Lab-created diamonds are chemically and physically similar tonatural diamonds. But they don't develop a cloudy appearance, giving yourjewelry a long-lasting finish.

Are Lab-Created Diamonds as Good an Investment as Natural Diamonds?

People often choose engineered diamonds because they’re asustainable option. Not to mention, they can get a larger lab-created diamond bystaying within their budget. Like natural diamonds or other gemstones, theresale value of man-made diamonds can vary. Since these diamonds are relativelynew, it's hard to predict their value in the future.

Can Lab-created diamonds be insured?

Yes, you can insure lab-created diamonds.

What is Phosphoresce in Lab-created diamonds and Natural Diamonds?

Phosphoresce refers to a diamond’s ability to glow in the dark. In this case, the diamond exhibits a glow when it comes in contact with shortwaveUV light. This is something you can notice in both lab-created and naturaldiamonds.

Can Lab Diamonds be Identified as Moissanite through Tests?

Some diamonds can be identified as moissanite using specific tests,as they have the same properties. Professionals can use certain equipment and tests to correctly identify them.

What Is Meant by The Treated Lab Diamond?

Lab-created diamonds are exposed to intense pressure and heat. Also, some diamonds undergo additional treatments to refine them further.

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