Your Ultimate Guide to Lab Created Diamonds
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Your Ultimate Guide to Lab Created Diamonds

Everything to know about lab created diamonds, including clarity, color, price, and certification

Bottom Line Recommendation

You probably heard that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. While most women love diamonds, only a few can afford them. They are not as pocket-friendly, after all. Nevertheless, diamonds are famous for engagement rings and wedding rings. Likewise, diamond earrings and bracelets make excellent gifts. Not to mention, they are loved by both men and women.
If you like staying up to date with your news in the world of jewelry and diamonds, you probably know about lab created diamonds. Many people are hesitant about buying lab created diamonds, though the stigma attached to them is undeserved.
Consumers tend to assume that lab created diamonds are cheaper because the quality is inferior to natural diamonds. However, the truth is that the invention’s popularity has caused the prices to drop. The diamond you might have bought for a higher price a year ago may be much cheaper today.
Lab created diamonds are ideal for you if you do not care much about the timelessness of natural diamonds. You can get beautiful lab grown diamonds at a significantly budget-friendly price. We recommend 
Diamonds-USA for excellent-quality lab created diamonds.
The prices are unbeatable compared to other diamonds on the market. For example, check out 
this stunning 1.76ct diamond from Diamonds-USA for an incredible price. Believe us; you will not find a natural diamond as good as this one for such a low price!
Are you concerned the diamond ring you purchased today might be on display in other stores for a fraction of the price? If so, then purchasing a lab created diamond may for your ring not be a wise decision.
Here are some lab-grown diamonds from Diamonds-USA:

Image 1-0.60carat E VS2 Lab grown diamond

·  Image 1-0.60ct E VS2 Lab Created Round Diamond


Image 2-0.80ct E VS2 Lab Grown Round Diamond

·  Image 2-0.80ct E VS2 Lab Grown Round Diamond



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What are Lab-Created Diamonds?

Lab created diamonds (also known as lab grown, artificial, cultivated, or synthetic diamonds) are manmade, though they have the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as natural diamonds. As such, these counterparts mirror the diamonds that result from the geological processes of nature.
One significant difference between mined (natural) and lab grown diamonds is how they come into existence. As the name implies, lab created diamonds are formed in the controlled environment of laboratories. Nevertheless, they are real diamonds- just like natural diamonds produced in uncontrolled natural environments.
Diamonds cultivated in laboratories are typically much cheaper than natural diamonds. Not to mention, their price continues to decrease (up to 30 percent annually). Why? Well, lab created diamonds have much resale value, contributing to a decrease in demand.
Check out
this stunning 2.74ct lab created diamond from Diamonds-USA. Its stunning beauty leaves no room for any questions. However, you have several factors to consider when purchasing or looking at the value/ price of lab made diamonds. In simpler words, consideration goes beyond what you see when you look at synthetic diamonds.

How Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Made?

infographic showing the steps of growing diamonds

Next up, the rough diamonds are sent for polishing.

Manufacturing lab created diamonds involves processes that replicate the natural processes of natural diamond production. For example, intense pressure and heat from the environment encourage the growth of natural diamonds. The pressure and heat transform the carbon atoms into gemstones we call diamonds.
Lab grown diamonds grow in a similar manner, except that the process is unnatural. It only takes a few years, instead of millions of years, to form.
The manufacture of manmade diamonds begins from a diamond seed, essentially a tiny chunk of natural diamonds. It is placed and sealed in a special chamber that mimics the natural conditions inside the Earth’s crust.
The carbon-coated diamond seeds eventually transform into a lab cultivated diamond. While it may be made from an artificial process, the synthetic diamond is chemically identical to its natural counterpart.
Chemical Vapor Deposition) and High-Pressure High Temperature are the techniques used to create lab created diamonds.
The High-Pressure, High-Temperature diamond-growing technique involves placing intense heat (approximately 1,700 degrees Celsius) and pressure (approximately 1.5 million pounds per square inch) on the carbon-coated diamond seeds.
On the other hand, the Chemical Vapor Deposition technique uses significantly less heat and pressure. Additionally, this method involves introducing a mixture of chemical gases to the tiny pieces of diamonds. These gases help to break down the diamond seeds and harden them. As a result, crystallization takes place to make carbon atoms.
Both the diamond-growing methods give the same result. HPHT and CVD methods help create manmade diamonds from scratch. It is only a matter of a few weeks before you get beautiful lab grown diamonds.
Do you want to learn more about how lab created diamonds are manufactured? Or, you may want to learn how to choose the right gemstone for your jewelry. If so, you can find all the information you need and excellent guidance by visiting the Diamonds-USA 
Lab created diamonds search page.

Diamonds-USA Declaration

Indeed, diamonds are stunning, and their beauty is unmatched. Without a doubt, they make an excellent high-end purchase. However, we do not believe in marketing that forces consumers to believe diamonds should be the only choice for engagement jewelry, including rings, bracelets, and necklaces.
We do not intend to convince people to buy diamonds for any upcoming special occasion. In fact, we aim to educate and help people who do not know much about diamond shopping. If you are planning to buy a diamond, we can help you find the best piece at the best price.
At Diamonds-USA, we ensure an excellent balance of quality for a big piece of diamond within a budget-friendly range. Our goal is to help you avoid any obstacles leading to the wrong decision.

 Picture of Lab Created Diamond 4.17 Carats, Cushion with Cut, G Color, VS1 Clarity and Certified by IGI

Image 4-A Beautiful Example of a Lab Created Diamond

Are Lab-Created Diamonds Real?

Before getting into the more detailed part, let us get something out of the question. Undoubtedly, lab grown diamonds are identical to natural diamonds in appearance. Here, it is crucial to note that synthetic diamonds are not the same as cubic zircon or other diamond simulants.
 As already discussed, synthetic diamonds have identical chemical makeup to natural diamonds. In simple words, lab created diamonds are diamonds- even real ones. Take a look at
this diamond from Diamonds-USA. What do you think about the lab created diamond? Does it look different from a natural diamond? It probably does, and that is because it is different.
This post primarily focuses on the question regarding the
value of lab-created diamonds.

Lab-Created Diamonds vs. Natural Diamonds

It must be abundantly clear by now that lab created, and natural diamonds are different in how they are made. However, that is not all; other things like rarity, desirability or demand, price, and resale value also make the two different.
The table below provides a brief yet informational breakdown of the factors that make natural and lab grown diamonds different.

Natural Diamonds
Lab Created Diamonds
Formed within the Earth’s crust after millions of years
Produced in labs much quicker than natural diamonds (in a few weeks only)
Constructed with carbon atom structures
Constructed with carbon atom structures
Each piece is unique
Can be produced in bulk
Very expensive with a resale value over 50 percent
Significantly low price and resale value
Available in a considerable range of shapes and carat size
Available in various colors, shapes, and carat sizes
More desirable for engagement rings
Not as much desirable for engagement jewelry

How Can You Tell the Difference Between Natural and Lab Grown Diamonds?

Truthfully, telling the difference between natural and lab created diamonds is impossible. Even if you are a gemologist, you need specialized equipment to identify and distinguish between natural and lab created diamonds. Ideally, looking at the grading report is the best way to tell the difference.
Typically, professional gemologists use magnification to determine whether a piece of diamond is mined or grown in the lab. This practice allows them to view the nature of the diamonds’ inclusions. But how can the inclusions tell whether a diamond is natural or lab grown?
In a natural diamond, the inclusions will appear slightly different than those in a lab created diamond. Sometimes, the diamonds also differ in their light-reflecting abilities. Generally, distinguishing the two is impossible by simply looking at the diamonds.
Does it sound unbelievable? Pick a diamond you like better and see whether you can tell how it was produced.

Are Lab-Created Diamonds Worth Anything?

Truth be told, this question is somewhat challenging to answer because we cannot tell you for sure.
Simply put, lab grown diamonds are much more affordable than their natural counterparts. However, they may not be as good as an investment. But then again, viewing your diamond as an investment is not exactly wise. That said, you should pay attention to the value of lab created diamonds.
Let us assume the average natural diamond retains approximately 55 percent of its value long after your initial purchase. Ultimately, your natural diamond’s market value will rise; given the history of diamonds, the price increases consistently.
That way, you should get half the diamond’s original price at a minimum. Not to mention, selling your natural diamond at a much higher price is possible.
Let us view a real example. This one is a
stunning 1.30ct diamond from Diamonds-USA. It offers an incredible value at the price of $7972. We inquired a few diamond-purchasing companies how much money they would pay for this diamond.
Nearly all of the companies we asked loved the diamond. More importantly, they were all willing to pay $4385 for the natural diamond. See, this diamond quickly received 55 percent of its original price. Diamond prices rise, and when they do, the value only increases.
The same quality lab created 1.30 G SI1 off the Diamonds-USA website is $1504.

The bottom line for out-of-pocket expenditure:

·  For natural diamonds, it is $7972-4385= $3587
·  For lab grown diamonds, it is $1504-0=$1504

Regardless of the synthetic diamond price, they do not have any resale value. Look at
this 1.30ct diamond from Diamonds-USA. It is stunningly beautiful, easy to win anyone’s heart, and looks gorgeous every time they wear it. Yet, jewelers are unlikely to buy it.
When trying to resell it on online marketplaces like eBay, you will not get more than a few pennies for your lab created diamond.
As such, keeping the value perspective in mind, lab grown diamonds are not the right choice for investors. You will need to purchase lab created diamonds at a considerable discount to justify giving up natural diamonds’ value retention, which is today’s prices on the Diamonds-USA website.
On the one hand, earth-mined diamonds lose approximately 50 percent of their value immediately after purchase, whereas lab created diamonds lose the entire value. On the other hand, lab created diamonds are at least 75 percent more than comparable natural diamonds.

Déjà Vu

Today, the lab grown diamonds market is in the same phase as when lab created emeralds entered the gem world in the early 90s. During that time (and even today), emeralds were listed among the rarest gems available on the market.
However, technological advances and newer innovations allowed manufacturers to manufacture virtual copies of natural emeralds. It is fair to say that consumers were highly excited when lab created emeralds hit the market. More and more people started buying these emeralds, and the demand kept increasing.
As such, more lab created emeralds were used in jewelry pieces due to the increase in demand. Reputable jewelers also started using them in their jewelry, including rings, bracelets, etc. However, the changes did not stop there.
As with other technologies, the competition began flooding in as the demand increased. The prices for lab 
created emeralds dropped unbelievably fast.
Consumers purchased emerald jewelry in
Service Merchandise for $79 to $99. However, they were only famous for around two years before people’s excitement faded. While they are still available, lab grown emeralds are anything but popular.

Is Comparing Lab Grown Diamonds with Lab Grown Emeralds Fair?

Why did we tell you the story of lab-created emeralds? Of course, the trend patterns are similar, though lab grown diamonds are still in their peak phase. Then, is it fair to compare lab created emeralds of the 90s with today’s lab grown diamonds? While we cannot give you a single answer, let us discuss what we think.
From a technical perspective, assuming that the prices of lab created diamonds will not plummet is difficult and unclever. With no cap on supplies, the scale economies and newer innovations will eventually force prices down.
Onto the next part- will the manmade diamonds’ popularity also fade away? This one is a much trickier question. Considering the history of lab grown emeralds, lab created diamonds may see a similar future.
However, while emeralds are stunning, they are not as morally valuable as diamonds. For example, people prefer diamonds over emeralds for engagement and wedding jewelry.

Should You Buy a Lab Grown Diamond?

Here, we are talking about individuals on the hunt for engagement rings. If you are one of them, you can save cash by choosing a diamond ring from Diamonds-USA rather than purchasing a natural one.
However, you should feel comfortable with the possibility that you might never receive a reasonable price. Additionally, you will likely see similar jewelry pieces in the future for a much less price rate.
That said, people may have several other reasons for picking lab grown diamonds instead of natural ones. Anyone making this decision should recognize that lab created diamonds will lose most of their value in the upcoming years.
Check out these beautiful rings. If you replace the diamonds in these rings with a Diamonds-USA lab 
created diamond, you will save a nice chunk of money.

Engagement Ring Inspiration (Click a Ring for More Information)

Image 5-1.2ct Round Diamond Engagement Ring

·  Image 5-1.2ct Round Diamond Engagement Ring
 (EX-Cut J-Color SI1-Clarity) Thin Channel-Set
 2.5mm Platinum



 6-Picture of1.2ct Round Diamond Engagement Ring

·  Image 6-1.22ct Princess Diamond Engagement Ring
(Ideal-Cut H-Color VS2-Clarity) Modern
Crossover Solitaire 3.1mm Platinum

Picturte of knife edge solitaire engagement ring

Image 7-1.2ct Round Diamond Engagement Ring
(EX-Cut I-Color VS2-Clarity) Classic Solitaire
 Knife Edge 2.5mm 14K White Gold

Picture shows Bridal set of rings with center Emerald diamond and side Baguette diamonds

Bridal Set with Side Baguette Diamonds


Best Lab-Created Diamonds: Diamonds-USA Recommendation

Diamonds-USA is excellent for the best value and highest quality lab grown diamonds. It may be the best place for your purchase. The prices are unbeatable, far less than other prominent market players.
Believe us; only a few reputable online merchants have as extensive a range of lab created diamonds as Diamonds-USA. Staying with a trusted seller when buying lab diamonds for your jewelry is critical. Settling for an unverified retailer because of a lack of selection in other places is never wise.
With lab diamonds, it is easy to be scammed. At Diamonds-USA, you can be sure about paying the cheapest price for your lab created diamond.
Here are some handpicked inspirations of lab diamonds we found for you on

Image of 1.60 carat  G VS1 Lab-created Round Cut Diamond

·  Image 8-1.60ct G-VS1 Lab-created

 Round Cut Diamond

  Image of 1.24caratD-VVS2 Lab-created Princess cut Diamond

·  Image 9-1.24caratD-VVS2 Lab-created

 Princess cut Diamond

Image of 1.21carat D VVS2 Lab created Cushion cut Diamond

·  Image 10-1.21ct D/VVS2 Lab-created

 Cushion cut Diamond

Image of 1.62 carat E color VS2 clarity Lab created Emerald cut Diamond

·  Image 11-1.62ct E/VS2 Lab-created

 Emerald cut Diamond

 Picture of Lab Created Diamond 0.71 Carats, Radiant with Cut, D Color, SI1 Clarity and Certified by IGI

·  Image 12-0.71ct D-SI1 Lab-created

 Radiant Cut Diamond

Bottom Line

You do not need to feel obliged to buy a diamond. It entirely depends on your preference.
However, if you have decided to buy a diamond, being aware of the value-related concerns is necessary. After all, you do not want to invest a hefty sum of money on a product that will be sold at a much lower price shortly.
However, if you only care about the wow aspect of diamonds, lab created diamonds are excellent! Diamonds-USA has been the pioneer in online diamond sales since 1997! You will be stunned by the extensive range of exclusive loose diamonds available at fantastic prices.

Image of Diamonds-USA official Logo in green color
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What We Love About Diamonds-USA

·  No questions asked returns (within 30 days of receiving the package)
·  Insurance appraisals
·  Personal care
·  Lifetime warranty
·  Highest standard finishes
·  Free international shipping
·  Best-in-class packaging
·  Best-in-class high-quality videos of all diamonds in stock

·  24/7 customer service

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