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Shop Halo engagement rings-Make your diamond look bigger.

Low Profile Engagement Rings for Ladies with Active Lifestyles.

Engagement Rings That Don’t Snag or Catch – Child & Clothing Friendly Settings

With the tide of delicate and dainty designs, a new kind of engagement ring came to us recently. Sellers are calling them the low profile engagement rings. If you are thinking it’s just another name for dainty and petite rings, you are not very accurate. Low-profile engagement rings are exactly what the name is. They are low profile, in that they are fashioned to lay close to your finger. While prong settings give gems a gentle elevation, the low-profile rings avoid any kind of elevation in the design. They are practical, but never too plain for the tastes of the buyers.

Who Wants to Buy Low Profile Engagement Rings?

Now that you have a wee bit of idea what these rings are like, the question that pops in the mind is, who are the right buyers of these rings?. While anybody can buy a low-profile engagement ring because they are instantly likable, these rings are best-suited for people in particular professions.

Like all other rings, these ones too are designed keeping in mind a particular set of audience. The right buyers of low-profile engagement rings are those whose jobs entail handwork. For instance, a nurse, a doctor or a technician wouldn’t be comfortable working all day wearing a ring that catches at everything. For them, the low-set engagement rings are a more practical choice. They do not catch hair or fabric, nor make wearing gloves difficult. Aside from that, low-profile engagement rings are also fitting for those who take interest in pottery, gardening and such things that involve a lot of handwork. For them, wearing a ring that keeps out of the way is the way to go.

The Anatomy of a Low Profile Ring

So what makes a low profile engagement ring a practical pick for people with busy hands? For one, these rings use only those settings that have no elevation nor ornamentation. Bezel setting is one of the most popular choices in low-profile engagement rings, see picture 1 below. The bezel settings, both half and full sit at the finger level. They level with the finger thus facilitating handwork. The geometry of a low-profile ring, picture 1, is exactly the opposite of high-set rings, picture 2 below.

Bezel set side view diagram of low profile

Picture 1: Bezel set elevation from finger, 1 mm

High profile engagement ring sample, the Martini set

Picture 2: High profile engagement ring

The bezel is however not the only setting that offers a low-level setting. The basket setting too fits the description of a low-level setting. In a basket setting, the bracket touches the finger thus laying reasonably low. As for the gem, it only stands a fraction of inches above the finger (1mm usually). That gives it an illusion of elevation without physically offering none. See picture 3 of a low profile basket setting.

Basket set   low profile engagement ring with split band
Picture 3: low profile basket set sample

So, if you are not a great fan of rings with a lifted gallery, then the low profile engagement rings are a great choice in terms of practicality and style. Check out the wide range of low-set engagement rings that are available in the market to pick one that is both off-the-charts and practical.

Bezel setting myths broken:

The cons that are often given to bezel set engagement rings are:

1)   Because they are “wrapped” all the way around the side of the center diamond, they block light entering from sides of the stone, making it sparkle less.

Myth Breaking:

All diamond’s “Cut” studies speak about the rays that enter from the diamonds crown-(top side of the diamond) only, see picture 4 below:

 Diagram of the diamond reflections comes from incoming table rays

Diagram 4:Diamond sparkle source

The sparkle that we see in a diamond is as a result of light rays entering the top of the stone, reflecting off the inside lower parts (The Pavillion) and then exiting back out at the top to our eyes, we call this “Sparkle”.

As long as the bezel doesn’t limit the amount of light that is entering the crown of the diamond, the impact on the sparkle will be minimal. Therefore it is important to check that no part of the top side of the diamond is covered by the bezel more than is necessary to hold it in, which leads us to myth number two:

2)   Diamond in a bezel set looks smaller because it is covered all around by the bezel for setting it.

Myth Breaking:


The amount of metal covering the diamond is negligible, see diagrams 5 and 6, bezel setting procedure


Bezel set procedure step one, diamond inserted in the pit.
Diagram 5 : Diamond inserted

diagram of bezel set covers minimal diamond diameter
Diagram 6: Bezel halo is hammered

Not only it is negligible area but on the contrary- The bezel creates a metal Halo around the diamond which gives it the Halo effect of making the diamond look bigger. See 3/4 carat diamond in a bezel  in picture 7 below:

Front view of a bezel set engagement ring
Picture 7: The Bezel set Halo effect

Low profile engagement rings goldsmith at work
The Goldsmith workbench

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