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Low Profile-Low Set Engagement Rings

Low Profile-Low Set Engagement Rings, For Ladies with Active Life Style

low profile vintage style engagement ring

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Are you in search of a stunning engagement ring that stands out? Opt for low profile engagement rings. Their sleek design won't hinder your activities and lasts longer compared to your other jewelry. Some people mistakenly think that low profile rings have fewer, smaller diamonds. That's not true! Engagement rings can either be glamorous or subtle, regardless of whether they are high or low profile. The design, size, and number of stones don't determine the essence of a low profile engagement ring.

There’s a common misconception that low profile rings are understated, but it isn’t necessarily true. Low profile rings can come in silver,
vintage styles, or gold adorned completely by pavé diamonds, or they could be like solitaire engagement rings, holding one stunning gem.

What are Low Profile Engagement Rings?

When it comes to rings, “low-profile” refers to the quality of a ring having its diamond at a height that’s just above the ring's band. In low profile engagement rings, the diamond is set almost level with the band. Instead of sitting on top, the diamond is nestled within the band.

From a side view, you might notice that the band slightly narrows towards the center. This creates a subtle visual difference but significantly alters the overall design and impact of the ring.

A lot of low profile options are not designed with the setting of the peg head style, and this is worth considering. As a result, you may find it difficult to use your current ring to upgrade the shape and size of the stone on it.

Distinguishing Between Low and High Profile Rings:

Picture of low profile bezel set Oval diamond on a finger
Oval Bezel set Low Profile Engagement ring

When choosing wedding rings, there's a lot to take into account. You might be wondering how to identify the low profile ring that suits your preferences. No need to worry! Once you understand what you're seeking, it's quite simple to distinguish between potential high and low profile rings. The most important factor for differentiation is the ring's sideview. Diamonds-USA provides clear side view images of rings specifically for this purpose.

Inspect the ring's setting, comprising the prongs that hold your diamond and other gemstones securely in position. Pay particular attention to the central setting, the prongs holding the main stone, which is your primary focus in this context.

Picture of 4 prongs that start from finger surface to create low profile setting,with hidden halo

Prongs matter

When the prongs stretch from the band's top to secure the diamond, it's classified as a high-profile engagement ring. Conversely, when the prongs come out from the band and place the diamond near the metal, the ring is categorized as low-profile.

Picture of Low profile bridal rings set, with millgrained Bezel andHalo

Shop the Low Profile Bezel Bridal Set

Choosing between low and high-profile rings typically depends on your lifestyle and individual taste. With that said, let's explore the advantages and disadvantages of low profile engagement rings!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Choosing a Low Profile Ring:

Opting for a low profile setting offers several benefits. These rings are highly durable and effortless to maintain in a brilliantly clean state. They also come in a diverse array of styles, providing ample choices during your shopping experience.
However, they might not be ideal for stacking with additional bands, unless custom-fitted to match the curvature of the setting due to their lower positioning. This characteristic can be seen as both advantageous and disadvantageous. Although this limits the ability to stack it with many kinds of rings, it also results in numerous low profile engagement rings being made as components of bridal sets.
An excellent illustration of this concept is our Bridal Set (pictured above). This set includes a stunning low profile engagement ring and a curved stackable band. The band features diamond embellishments that deliver the desired sparkle. This stackable band complements the engagement ring flawlessly, a synergy that might not be achievable with bands lacking curvature.

What are Low Profile Bezel Rings?

Picture of 1 carat Pear diamond Low Set, Bezel set
Shop this bezel set Pear Shaped low profile engagement ring

Within the realm of low profile rings, one of the most subtle options is the bezel ring. These rings showcase a metal band that encircles the diamond's girdle, securing it close to the band.
Bezel rings are characterized by a design where the stone appears integrated into the ring, and the metal is wrapped around the stone's edges to hold it securely. Take, for instance, our Pear bezel ring (pictured above), which exhibits all the hallmarks of a bezel set ring. The low profile setting not only shields the ring but also enhances its suitability for everyday wear.
Bezel rings are often appreciated for their contemporary aesthetics. However, if you plan on changing the diamonds in your ring in the future, these might not be the right choice for you. These rings are crafted to forever hold your chosen diamond and no other. Their primary emphasis lies in wear comfort, as while any diamond ring can be visually appealing, not all of them offer practical functionality.

Elegance and Comfort

Picture of a guy on one knee,proposing

In the vast array of ring choices, selecting a ring that suits you perfectly can be quite a task. However, picking a ring that aligns with your preferences is crucial. Bezel-cut rings offer more than just comfort and beauty; they're also currently trending because of their contemporary appearance that blends classic gemstones with a clean, minimalist style. Their setting type enables them to complement any attire or additional jewelry, making them a popular choice for those seeking an exquisite everyday ring.

Cathedral Settings: Striking the Balance

Pictureof 3 mm wide Cathedral Low Profile engagement ring

Shop Wide Cathedral, Low Profile Engagement Ring

If you're concerned that a low profile setting might not provide the level of brilliance you desire, consider exploring cathedral settings. These rings showcase a central stone accompanied by two metal arches that extend along the shank. This arrangement allows your stone to rest closer to the base of the ring while maintaining the captivating effect of a higher setting. The rings exhibit what appears to be a basket-like structure beneath the arched metal, providing an ideal canvas for additional diamonds, decorative elements, or variations in the metal composition.
A prime example of this concept is Diamonds-USA's London Cathedral Solitaire Ring. This ring showcases intricate trellis details within the basket underneath, offering both romance and protection for the elevated diamond. If you are more of a minimalist, there are cathedral rings available that cater to the minimalist aesthetic in all of us.

Elegant in its Simplicity

Low profile rectangular diamonds

Explore the Low Profile for all shapes in our shop

It is the perfect ring for those seeking enduring structural integrity without unnecessary embellishments.

Regardless of whether your ring preference leans toward practicality, style, minimalism, or extravagance, you'll find a diverse ran geof rings in various heights, profiles, and designs. It's worth considering that certain styles offer enhanced durability for specific activities, some are ideal for periodic changes, and others seamlessly pair with any bridal band, while a custom curved stackable set complements others perfectly.

Diamonds-USA's Minimalist Collection

Picture of minimalist Bezel Set Emerald Diamond, Low Set
Explore our Minimalist Engagement Rings selection by visiting our shop

For those seeking both captivating brilliance and enhanced ring protection through a low profile setting, consider browsing Diamonds-USA's Low Profile Engagement Rings Collection. The jewelry within this collection offers the captivating allure of a dazzling diamond ring while safeguarding the setting from potential damage caused by years of wear. It's curated with the modern minimalist in mind, seamlessly combining sleek contemporary styles with classic stone shapes and arrangements to suit today's brides.
Containing a total of sixteen items, this collection showcases an array of captivating options. Each piece features distinct carat weights, diamond cuts, and setting heights. Witnessing such diversity within a wide selection of low profile rings is truly remarkable!
Where Fashion Meets Practicality
Low profile engagement rings encompass a diverse range of shapes and sizes, spanning various style categories. At Diamonds-USA, our aim is to offer a wide array of options so that couples can discover their enduring jewelry with us, confident that it aligns not only with their personal taste but also caters to their everyday jewelry requirements.
Your engagement ring should possess the same resilience as your love, and a minimalist ring ensures it stands the test of time. Opting for a Diamonds-USA ring means selecting a ring created with mindfulness of your lifestyle, our planet, and the world at large. We aspire for these rings to accompany you on your global journeys, brave the elements, and radiate brilliance even in hands-on work settings.

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