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Oval Loose Diamonds

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The oval cut diamond is based upon the traditional configuration of the round brilliant diamond and that's why its technical name is oval modified brilliant diamond. The oval was invented by Lazare Kaplan in the early 1960s. A length-to-width ratio of 1.5:1 is almost universally considered a pleasing shape for oval diamonds, with any variation beyond 1.4:1 or 1.6:1 beginning to be noticeable and become an aesthetic issue. However as with all fancies, a certain degree of individual taste is always factored into the desirability of a particular diamond's shape. Fifty-six facets are typical for oval brilliant diamonds. Over the last year or two ovals have become very popular as center diamonds for engagement rings.

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Diamond ShapeDetailsCarat WeightClarity ColorCertificateDiamond Price
SelectOval Loose DiamondsDetails0.47 Ct.VVS1D GIA US$1,945
SelectOval Loose DiamondsDetails0.46 Ct.VS2D GIA US$1,947
SelectOval Loose DiamondsDetails0.70 Ct.VS2J GIA US$1,950
SelectOval Loose DiamondsDetails0.46 Ct.VVS2D GIA US$1,971
SelectOval Loose DiamondsDetails0.70 Ct.SI2E EGL US$2,002
SelectOval Loose DiamondsDetails0.75 Ct.SI1G EGL US$2,010
SelectOval Loose DiamondsDetails0.47 Ct.VVS1D GIA US$2,044
SelectOval Loose DiamondsDetails0.50 Ct.VS1D GIA US$2,047
SelectOval Loose DiamondsDetails0.82 Ct.VS2L GIA US$2,049
SelectOval Loose DiamondsDetails0.70 Ct.VS2H EGL US$2,059
SelectOval Loose DiamondsDetails0.71 Ct.SI2F EGL US$2,062
SelectOval Loose DiamondsDetails0.50 Ct.VS1E GIA US$2,069
SelectOval Loose DiamondsDetails0.71 Ct.SI1F EGL US$2,070
SelectOval Loose DiamondsDetails0.70 Ct.VS1H EGL US$2,092
SelectOval Loose DiamondsDetails0.70 Ct.SI1H EGL US$2,103
SelectOval Loose DiamondsDetails0.70 Ct.SI1E EGL US$2,111
SelectOval Loose DiamondsDetails0.62 Ct.IFI GIA US$2,114
SelectOval Loose DiamondsDetails0.76 Ct.SI2E EGL US$2,127
SelectOval Loose DiamondsDetails0.71 Ct.VS2H EGL US$2,127
SelectOval Loose DiamondsDetails0.76 Ct.SI1F EGL US$2,150
SelectOval Loose DiamondsDetails0.70 Ct.VS1H EGL US$2,155
SelectOval Loose DiamondsDetails0.51 Ct.VVS1F GIA US$2,156
SelectOval Loose DiamondsDetails0.70 Ct.SI2F EGL US$2,158
SelectOval Loose DiamondsDetails0.71 Ct.SI1G EGL US$2,172
SelectOval Loose DiamondsDetails0.51 Ct.VS2D GIA US$2,177