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The Clarity Enhancement Process:

Clarity enhanced diamonds, picture before and after

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During the clarity enhancement process we insert a microscopic amount of material into the imperfection. This material has the same optical refraction index as the diamond. When light travels from one medium to another, it either changes its course or reflects in a different direction. When light attempts to pass through a non-CE diamond that has a feather, the light hits the feather and reflects in a number of directions. That is why we see the feather, and the diamond doesn't appear to be clean. With a CE diamond, the light passes through the natural feather because the material used for the enhancement has the same optical characteristics as the diamond. This makes the enhanced imperfections invisible.

 Enhanced diamonds can be steamed cleaned and ultrasound Ammonia cleaned  by your jeweler. This process does not harm or reverse enhanced diamonds. Inc.

                                                               Picture of
     Clarity Enhancement proccess life-time warranty:

The diamond clarity-enhancement process should last forever. However,using a direct torch flame on the diamond will damage it, (usually there is no need for using a torch while setting the diamond). Please advise your jeweler regarding this matter. In any case of need and without time limit Diamonds-USA will repair the enhancement  free of charge. 


Clarity Enhanced Diamond –What is it?

Contrary to common conception, enhanced diamonds are not created in any laboratory. They are 100% natural diamonds genuine gemstones earth  mined. The process of clarity enhancement involves reducing the appearance of natural blemishes or cracks present in almost every diamond. These fissures or feathers diminish the lustrous appearance of the natural diamond. The enhancement process effectively decreases the visibility of the sefissure outlines and helps in amplifying the brilliance of the natural diamond. The result is a radiant, clearer, and visually appealing diamond that sparkles effortlessly. 


What Does the Enhancement Process Entail?

Prior to understanding the process of enhancement, we must first learn about which diamonds are enhanced diamonds. As discussed earlier, most diamonds frequently contain tiny fissures inside or near the surface that occur either during natural formation of the stone or during the diamond cutting stage. The visibility and location of the fissure determines whether the enhancement treatment is necessary. A diamond having feathers discernible by unaided human eyes is precisely a perfect nominee for the enhancement procedure.

The first step in the method of enhancement includes heating the diamond at the temperature of 600 degrees.Then a silica-like resin, having a similar refractive index like diamond, is infused inside the diamond that seals the internal fissures directly. The entire process gives birth to an enhanced diamond that allows efficient light reflection and refraction and showcases its internal luster in the best light.

Why Opt for these Diamond? Pros and cons.

They are simply more stunning,bigger, and cost-effective – a valuable and intelligent choice for your money.Compared to non-enhanced diamonds, these reasonably priced dazzlers are totally worth your investment.
Cons? Do not put on the enhanced diamond an open torch fire and do not immerse it in 600 degrees high pressure strongest acids.This will never happen in our day by day life.

Why Choose for Your enhanced Diamond?

At, we have the essential expertise, experience, and skills of finding and selling the finest CE diamonds over the years. Compared to other players in the industry, we have been strictly specializing in these diamonds for nearly four decades. We have thousands of satisfied customers locally, nationally, and globally. We aim to provide you with beautiful diamonds that are value for money and superior quality.

Are Different Gemstones like Emeralds and Rubies Enhanced or Treated?

Yes. Just about all gemstones are treated or enhanced in one form or another. Rubies, Emeralds, and Sapphires are clarity enhanced to just like their counterpart diamonds. Sapphires and Rubies also often undergo a heat treatment in high temperatures for achieving an enhanced and deep hue. Pearls are bleached; Aquamarines and Blue Topaz are heated and dyed for a rich color; Onyx, Opals, and Jade are pigmented for improved coloring. If you ask your jeweler to show a non-enhanced Sapphire, Emerald, or Ruby, the sincere jeweler may acknowledge the fact that almost all precious and semi-precious gemstones undergo some sort of treatment or enhancement process. Enhancement in gemstones is a standard process in the jewelry industry.

Are Enhanced Diamonds at Diamonds-USA Certified?

All CE diamonds sold on Diamonds-USA are graded by IGL or EGL . Clarity grades of the diamonds depend on the post-enhancement appearance.

How to Clean and Care for My CE diamond?

One must always remember that a diamond needs special and tender care. To keep your dazzler always sparkling and shiny, use a soft tooth brush to gently brush the surface and underside of the diamond to remove residues or dirt buildup that result in a dull and lack luster diamond. There is also ammonia free liquid jewelry cleaner for safe cleaning of your CE diamonds, gemstones, and jewelries. It helps in maintaining the enhancement process in the diamond without altering or affecting the stone’s internal components. Your CE diamond can be safely worn during home cleaning. 

Are Steam Cleaning and Ultrasonic Cleaners Safe for CE Diamonds?

Yes. Steam cleaning and ultrasonic cleaners are safe processes for cleaning your clarity enhanced diamond. Most jewelers employ these dual techniques of steam and ultrasonic cleaners when offering to clean your ring in their store. So, they are just fine for precious diamonds.

Should My Jeweler Be Informed That My Diamond Is CE Prior to Having It Repaired?

A resounding yes because an expert enhancement process is very difficult to discern even by a trained eye. Hence,your jeweler must always be informed beforehand about the CE diamond. If the repair calls for heat treatment by a welding torch, we would suggest informing your jeweler that the diamond must be temporarily removed from its setting for the repair process and restored once it’s repaired. Repairs that need heating include prong replacement, ring re-sizing, and soldering of two rings together. 

Does Provide Warranty on the CE Diamonds?

Yes. Every CE diamond at is provided with a Lifetime Warranty . The clarity enhancement process has a warranty for life. It signifies that in case of an unlikely event, regardless of the fault, we will restore your diamond’s enhancement absolutely free of cost. 

Do CE Diamonds Hold Their Value?

Yes. Like all diamonds, enhanced diamond hold its value based on the present market value and conditions and the normal diamond price fluctuations. As a matter of fact, it has been reported that CE diamonds enjoy greater trade-in value over non-CE diamonds.

Can I Get Jewelry Insurance for My CE Diamond?

Definitely, all insurance companies recognize and insure clarity enhanced diamond because CE diamonds are 100% natural genuine diamonds. Insurance companies demand an appraisal of the diamonds retail replacement value before insuring. Hence, providing your insurance company with the appraisal report received at the point of sale is all you have to do for insuring your CE diamond. 

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View Round0.19F SI1 C.E Very Good Diamonds-USA USD 267
View Round0.20FSI1 C.E Ideal EGS/EGL USD 281
View Round0.21ISI1 C.E Very-Good EGS/EGL USD 288
View Round0.20HSI1 C.E Ideal EGS/EGL USD 293
View Round0.23G SI1 C.E Very Good EGS/EGL USD 301
View Princess0.38FVS1 C.E Very Good EGL USD 350
View Round0.24FSI2 C.E Good Diamonds-USA USD 350
View Round0.34FSI1 C.E Good Diamonds-USA USD 358
View Princess0.38EVS1 C.E Very Good EGL USD 360
View Princess0.39FSI1 C.E Good Diamonds-USA USD 370
View Round0.34GVS2 C.E Very Good EGS/EGL USD 385
View Round0.25HSI2 C.E Good Diamonds-USA USD 388
View Round0.33GSI1 C.E Very Good EGS/EGL USD 395
View Round0.31JVS2 C.E Ideal EGS/EGL USD 399
View Round0.31GSI1 C.E Very Good EGS/EGL USD 412
View Round0.32FSI1 C.E Very Good Diamonds-USA USD 416
View Round0.31GSI1 C.E Very Good Diamonds-USA USD 416
View Round0.30HSI1 C.E Ideal EGS/EGL USD 437
View Round0.30GVS2 C.E Ideal EGS/EGL USD 442
View Round0.32FVS2 C.E Very Good EGS/EGL USD 469
View Round0.34FVS2 C.E Ideal EGS/EGL USD 485
View Round0.53HSI2 C.E Good EGS/EGL USD 495
View Princess0.38FVS2 C.E Ideal Cut EGS/EGL USD 535
View Princess0.38EVS2 C.E Very Good EGS/EGL USD 600
View Round0.50I SI2 C.E Ideal EGS/EGL USD 600
View Round0.51JSI1 C.E Very Good EGL USD 606
View Oval0.62GVS1 C.E Very Good EGS/EGL USD 620
View Round0.54HVS2 C.E Ideal EGS/EGL USD 640
View Round0.51ESI2 C.E Very Good EGS/EGL USD 650
View Round0.50ISI1 C.E Good EGS/EGL USD 662
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