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Cushion Loose Diamonds

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The Cushion Cut was evolved from the "Old Mine Cut" that was developed before the turn of the century. A cushion cut is square to rectangular cut with rounded corners and 58 brilliant facets that resemble a pillow shape, hence the name. The recent popularity for cushion cuts began some years ago, and the demand has increased as designers and antique dealers continue to use them. Cushion cut diamonds look especially nice in antique settings so are a great choice if that is the type of ring you are seeking.

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Diamond ShapeDetailsCarat WeightClarity ColorCertificateDiamond Price
SelectCushion Loose DiamondsDetails0.77 Ct.VS2 C.EH EGS/EGL US$1,254
SelectCushion Loose DiamondsDetails0.78 Ct.VS1 C.EFancy Yellow EGS/EGL US$1,310
SelectCushion Loose DiamondsDetails0.90 Ct.SI2 C.EFancy Yellow EGL US$1,350
SelectCushion Loose DiamondsDetails1.12 Ct.SI3 C.E EGS/EGL US$1,568
SelectCushion Loose DiamondsDetails0.86 Ct.VS1 C.EG EGS/EGL US$1,582
SelectCushion Loose DiamondsDetails1.00 Ct.SI1 C.EH EGS/EGL US$1,650
SelectCushion Loose DiamondsDetails0.96 Ct.VS2 C.EF EGS/EGL US$1,776
SelectCushion Loose DiamondsDetails1.06 Ct.VS1 C.EFancy Yellow EGS/EGL US$1,908
SelectCushion Loose DiamondsDetails1.01 Ct.SI1 C.EF EGS/EGL US$1,919
SelectCushion Loose DiamondsDetails1.19 Ct.SI2 C.EFancy Yellow EGS/EGL US$1,964
SelectCushion Loose DiamondsDetails1.02 Ct.VS1 C.EFancy Yellow EGS/EGL US$1,970
SelectCushion Loose DiamondsDetails1.21 Ct.SI2 C.EFancy Yellow EGS/EGL US$1,997
SelectCushion Loose DiamondsDetails1.01 Ct.SI1I EGL US$2,020
SelectCushion Loose DiamondsDetails1.14 Ct.SI1 C.EFancy Yellow EGS/EGL US$2,052
SelectCushion Loose DiamondsDetails1.04 Ct.SI1 C.ED EGS/EGL US$2,122
SelectCushion Loose DiamondsDetails0.91 Ct.SI1D EGL US$2,275
SelectCushion Loose DiamondsDetails0.91 Ct.SI1Fancy Yellow EGL US$2,275
SelectCushion Loose DiamondsDetails1.01 Ct.VS2J EGL US$2,323
SelectCushion Loose DiamondsDetails1.01 Ct.SI1Fancy Yellow EGL US$2,323
SelectCushion Loose DiamondsDetails1.03 Ct.VS1 C.EF EGS/EGL US$2,524
SelectCushion Loose DiamondsDetails0.91 Ct.SI1E EGL US$2,548
SelectCushion Loose DiamondsDetails1.05 Ct.VS1 C.ED EGS/EGL US$2,573
SelectCushion Loose DiamondsDetails1.03 Ct.VS2G EGL US$3,090
SelectCushion Loose DiamondsDetails1.00 Ct.SI1F EGL US$3,245
SelectCushion Loose DiamondsDetails1.06 Ct.SI1F EGL US$3,440