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Fancy color diamonds are measured mainly by the intensity of their colors.At Diamonds-USA
we stock Only natural earth mined diamonds in natural fancy colors and in Color Enhanced.

Among our natural fancy colors we have the Fancy Brown Chocolate,Natural Honey
(Brown Yellow mix) colors,Natural Brown Cognac,Natural Fancy yellow.In the Color Enhanced
diamonds we have the Fancy Intense Yellow,Fancy Vivid Yellow, Fancy Vivid Blue and Fancy
Vivid & Intense Yellow.
Some of the fancy colored diamonds,natural and color enhanced are
also Clarity Enhanced, they are marked clearly as so.

Picture of chocolate color diamondChocolate Diamond
Picture of fancy vivid yellow Cushion diamond Yellow Diamond
Picture of fancy vivid yellow Chushion diamondBlue  Diamond



Picture of lego


 Color Enhanced diamonds life-time warranty:

 Color Enhanced diamonds look exactly the same as the natural Fancy color only at a fraction of the price. The color will never fade, it penetrates the diamond. Colored Enhanced Diamonds are not lab created; they are earth mined natural diamonds. Although color enhanced diamonds have color, they still possess the same reflective index, because they are natural and then has the same brilliance after the color enhancement.

Diamonds-USA gives a life time warranty for the color process, if anything

 what so ever will happen to the color, Diamonds-USA will do the enhancement again. Until today we had zero faults like this. Color enhancement is irreversible

                      David Braverman-President   
Diamonds Inc.


Picture of fancy vivid yellow Cushion diamond in a ring

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CompareDetailsShapeCaratColorClarity CutCertificatePrice
View Round0.63Light YellowSI2 Ideal EGL USD 756
View Round0.64Light YellowSI2 Ideal EGL USD 768
View Round0.52Chocolate ColorSI1 Good Diamonds-USA USD 780
View Round0.67Chocolate ColorSI2 Very Good Diamonds-USA USD 787
View Cushion1.12Sky BlueSI3 C.E Very Good EGS/EGL USD 878
View Heart0.50Fancy YellowVS1 Very Good EGL USD 900
View Cushion0.72Fancy YellowVS2 C.E Very Good EGS/EGL USD 936
View Round0.67Light BrownVS2 Good Diamonds-USA USD 938
View Marquise0.61Fancy YellowVS1 C.E Very Good EGS/EGL USD 1,037
View Cushion0.77Fancy YellowVVS2 C.E Very Good EGS/EGL USD 1,093
View Round1.23Light BrownSI2 C.E Ideal EGS/EGL USD 1,107
View Cushion0.78Fancy YellowVS1 C.E Very Good EGS/EGL USD 1,310
View Princess0.81Fancy YellowVS1 C.E Ideal EGS/EGL USD 1,336
View Round0.77Fancy YellowSI1 C.E Ideal EGS/EGL USD 1,386
View Round0.72Fancy YellowVS2 C.E Ideal EGS/EGL USD 1,512
View Round1.57Fancy YellowVS2 Very Good EGL USD 1,546
View Cushion1.01Fancy YellowVS1 C.E Ideal EGS/EGL USD 1,570
View Princess0.71Fancy YellowVS1 C.E Very Good EGS/EGL USD 1,600
View Round1.40Fancy YellowSI2 C.E Very Good EGS/EGL USD 1,687
View Cushion0.90Fancy YellowSI2 C.E Ideal EGL USD 1,725
View Round1.07Sky BlueSI1 C.E Ideal EGS/EGL USD 1,819
View Princess2.32Fancy YellowSI3 C.E Good EGS/EGL USD 1,844
View Round0.86Sky BlueVS1 C.E Good EGS/EGL USD 1,925
View Cushion1.21Fancy YellowVS1 C.E Ideal EGS/EGL USD 1,936
View Round0.90Fancy YellowSI1 Ideal EGS/EGL USD 1,980
View Oval1.00Fancy YellowSI1 C.E Very Good EGS/EGL USD 1,990
View Cushion0.91Fancy YellowSI1 Very Good EGL USD 2,275
View Cushion1.19Fancy YellowSI2 C.E Very Good EGS/EGL USD 2,380
View Princess1.34Sky BlueVS2 C.E Ideal EGS/EGL USD 2,400
View Round1.00Fancy YellowSI1 Ideal EGL USD 2,500
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