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Romantic perfection for the special occasions. The perfect stone for the special occasion requirements.The Heart shaped brilliant is the hit item on Valentines day. Usually the width will be 10% wider than the head-to-point length.

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Heart Shaped Diamond

The heart shaped diamond isone shape which reveals a bevy of emotions merely through their structure. It speaks of love and romance just like a heart. What better way to express your love and romance than with a heart shaped diamond! The heart shaped diamond is basically a modified version of the pear shaped diamond, but with a sharp clefton the top center, which gives the diamond a distinct heart shape. The heart shape diamond is rare. They are profound with symbolic significance and will efficiently narrate the story of your love life.

The first traces of aheart shaped diamond were found mentioned in a conversation between the Duke of Milan, Nicodemo and Galeazzo Maria Sforza in the year 1463. Later in the year1562, Queen Elizabeth received a heart shaped diamond, a gift from Mary Queenof Scots. During this time the heart shaped diamond symbolized friendship andgood wishes and was extensively exchanged between the royalties.

The heart shaped diamonds have facets that range from 56 to 58. The facets on the pavilion varies between6, 7 and 8. A heart shaped diamond with a length to width ratio of roughly 1.00is considered to be the most ideal choice. The choice may, however, vary from one person to another.

Fascinating Facts about Heart Shaped Diamond:

  • A heart shaped diamond looks great only when the two halves of the heart are of the exact size. In other words, the two halves should be carved at just the right amount so that both the sides are well balanced in symmetry. Hence, it is essential to purchase a heart shaped diamond from a talented man who knows the art of cutting a heart shaped dexterously.
  • A heart shaped diamond of less than .50 carat is not considered a wise choice because the very shape will not appear prominently in such a small carat.
  • The heart shaped diamond is one of the most difficult cuts to create.
  • They are prone to the ‘bow-tie effect, which is very common with oval, marquise and pear cuts.
  • The facets of the heart shaped diamonds are known to hide the inclusions well.

Tips to Buy a Heart Shaped Diamond:

If you are interested inbuying a heart shaped diamond, ensure that the diamond weighs above .5 carats.This will bring out the details of the cut with more precision. You should purchase a heart shape diamond with a length to width ratio of 1 to 1-1.10 as this ideal combination can distinctly bring out the shape. Make sure you buy from a renowned source as not everyone can create a heart shaped diamond since it requires extreme skill. Lastly, make sure the diamond is well certified by reputed diamond laboratories like GIA, AGS, EGL or IGI.

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Compare ShapeCaratColorClarity CutCertificatePriceDetails
HeartHeart 0.28DSI1 Very Good Diamonds-USA USD 518 View
HeartHeart 0.29FSI1 Very Good Diamonds-USA USD 536 View
HeartHeart 0.30DVVS2 Very Good Diamonds-USA USD 780 View
HeartHeart 0.31DVVS2 Very Good Diamonds-USA USD 806 View
HeartHeart 0.55GVS1 Very Good EGL USD 1,320 View
HeartHeart 0.61FVS2 Very Good EGL USD 1,464 View
HeartHeart 0.61FVS2 Very Good EGL USD 1,464 View
HeartHeart 0.58EVS2 Very Good EGL USD 1,464 View
HeartHeart 1.02KSI1   GIA USD 2,756 View
HeartHeart 0.81DSI1   GIA USD 2,809 View
HeartHeart 0.74DVS2   GIA USD 2,829 View
HeartHeart 1.02KVS2   GIA USD 2,841 View
HeartHeart 0.84EVS2   GIA USD 3,069 View
HeartHeart 0.90GSI1   GIA USD 3,211 View
HeartHeart 0.90DSI1   GIA USD 3,323 View
HeartHeart 0.91GVS2   GIA USD 3,342 View
HeartHeart 0.83EVVS2   GIA USD 3,439 View
HeartHeart 0.81EVS2   GIA USD 3,600 View
HeartHeart 1.02ESI2   GIA USD 3,845 View
HeartHeart 0.91GVVS2   GIA USD 3,877 View
HeartHeart 0.71FVS2   GIA USD 3,931 View
HeartHeart 1.08IVS2   GIA USD 4,079 View
HeartHeart 1.02ESI1   GIA USD 4,120 View
HeartHeart 1.04GSI1   GIA USD 4,149 View
HeartHeart 1.05GSI1   GIA USD 4,182 View
HeartHeart 1.02ESI1   GIA USD 4,377 View
HeartHeart 1.02GSI1   GIA USD 4,400 View
HeartHeart 0.90EVVS1   GIA USD 4,484 View
HeartHeart 1.09FSI1   GIA USD 4,506 View
HeartHeart 1.02GSI1   GIA USD 4,542 View
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