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Diamonds-USA Engagement Stories Contest - Proposal Ideas


The Winner of our Proposal Stories Contest is - Rachel Epstein

Diamonds-USA engagement stories contest winners

Rachel's Engagement story - The winning proposal story

John knew I wanted a big to-do when the time came for a marriage proposal. Though I hadn't said anything outright, he observed my reaction to friends' engagements and gauged that I would favor a public proposal over a private moment between us. We hadn't talked much about marriage but, after dating for almost three years, we knew it would happen. I was blown away when it did. 

John is vice president of a movie production studio and when word came that Sex and the City was shooting a scene on one of his sound stages, I begged and begged for him to get me in as an extra. I am a huge fan of the show and love the thrill of production. He played it coy for days, finally saying that he pulled enough strings to get me a spot. 

When the big day arrived, I was one of 300 background extras moving through hair, makeup, and wardrobe. We all made our way to the sound stage as production assistants gave us seating assignments. I got placed in the second row - right behind a famous female rapper who made a cameo in the movie and all the Sex and the City women. I was so excited to have such a great spot. 

After everyone was situated, the producer came on the microphone and introduced John as a representative of the studio who wanted to welcome us on the first day of shooting. John took the floor and, after thanking everyone for coming, said to the crowd, Today is a special day for me. My girlfriend is in the audience. It was always her dream to be an extra in Sex and the City and now I hope she makes my dream come true and marries me. Then, in front of all the actors, extras, and stage hands, he got down on one knee and pulled out a gorgeous diamond engagement ring. 
It was such a surprise that I was shocked into silence. Women around me were screaming - some were even crying - and my own heart was about to explode. John and I hugged and kissed, which prompted him to say into the microphone, I don't think everyone heard your response. Of course they hadn't - I hadn't yet said anything. So that's a yes! I offered to a roomful of applause. 
The famous rapper and all the Sex and the City actors - not to mention almost all of the 300 extras - offered congratulations and well-wishes throughout the course of the taping. 
It was an amazing experience that can never be replicated.

The runner up stories are displayed below:

Tina Martini's Engagement story

I have this diamond engagement ring in my hand
I am kneeling before where you stand
I am asking you to be my wife
I will love, honor, and cherish you for life.
Will you marry me darling?

Lisa Orlando's Engagement story

Eric and I have been together for five years. We first met when he was enlisted in the Coast Guard which was based in Staten Island, New York. He and his friends would go to the local bar weekly to just relax with his friends after work.That week, I so happened to meet him there for the very first time. He told me the first night that I met him that one day I was going to be his wife and we have been together ever since.
I have just completed nursing school and that was my objective before getting engaged which was discussed with Eric when he would bring up the subject. I knew he was saving but I never thought in a million years that the proposal would come so soon. Sometimes, he swears I should of been a detective instead of a nurse because I find everything!! Nothing can ever get passed me without a thousand whys or when.
Well it was October 6, 2007. Eric's birthday had just passed and we were going to the Manhattan to look for some things he had wanted for his birthday. He had mentioned to me that we had to go to Times Square to pick something up. Once again I had asked why and he said please for once stop asking why and go with the flow ! So I stood shut and didn't ask any other questions. 

We get out of the car in Times Square. Being in heels, Eric was walking 100 steps a head of me. Thinking about it now, it was his nervousness not me in heels. He was just walking too fast. Well we come around the corner in front of Hard Rock Cafe and he says Lisa look up. I looked up and there was an electronic bored saying "Will you marry me Lisa?"Once I looked up he got down on his knee, took out this beautiful diamond engagement ring and proposed. I was in such shock because this was out of the ordinary for him. Heis more of a quiet person that would probably have taken me out to dinner. It was extremely thoughtful of him. To go out of his way the way he did and especially for me not to find out ! He had told me that the ring was hidden fora month and a half without me having any idea. I guess my detective skills haven't been up to par!!


Wesley Friedman's Engagement story

I met my fiance Krista June 5th, 2003. The best way to understand how I proposed is on my website! It's the best proposal you've ever seen. Watch my 8 minute movie...that is how I proposed. She said yes, by the way. =-) 

How we met: I was taking a break from life, waiting tables at an Irish Pub in Evanston, IL. She teaches middle school and was in celebrating 8th grade graduation with 15 of her colleagues. As I approached the table, our eyes met. I tried to remain calm and professional, but I was a little flirty...trying to get a big tip =) Everybody ordered bottles of coronas at the table. As I delivered her beer, I forgot the lime wedge that usually accompanies a Corona. I brought it back in a flash on a little sword skewer, got down on one knee, and presented it to her. The whole table stopped and saw the spark that took place. As her colleagues questioned me about who I was so they could fix us up, we exchanged numbers. 3 years later, I used all the cash I made waiting tables and bought her a diamond engagement ring. I decided to make a movie based on how we met...convinced her over ten months that I was starring in a short movie in L.A....flew to L.A. without her...filmed the movie...and showed it in front of all our family and friends at the VIC THEATER in Chicago on the big screen. She had no idea that I was proposing in the movie. As the moment approached on screen, I got down on one knee in the middle of the theater and asked her to spend forever with me. The movie concluded to major applause and even the strangers that were in the theater gave us hugs. I hope the wedding is just as good!

Rupinder Singh's Engagement story

First you save hard and fast to buy a colorless flawless diamond ring.
You then drive 200 miles to buy this ring that can only be found at Harrods London.
Now think of a story to say where you've been, so no one suspects anything.
You come home exhausted, don't sleep yet now you plan the proposal, an all-inclusive holiday to the red sea should do it.
The next day you whisk her away on an amazing holiday.
Wait till the time is right (you have all week). The stars are out, the sea is calm, you've climbed to the highest point on the land and you both can see for miles, in fact you can see three different countries from your one point. 

at this point you take her hand and tell her this is beautiful, you are beautiful,
drop to your knee and say I love you with all the love I have will you let me give you all my love.  Holding out the ring you wait an eternity for her reply.


Diane Corbin's Engagement story

It was September of 1981, a normal day as days go, when you're sixteen years old. My parents were going to this soup supper in Ripley, and of course they just couldn't appreciate that I didn't want to be seen with them, especially not at some lame old folks event. But of course, my dad was concerned for me, and preceded to inform me that while they would love to, they just weren't going to be able to pay for college for me, and because of our rural location, that I would be "an old maid" if I didn't find "someone to marry me before I graduated from high school." I guess he thought he needed to tell me this so that I would be looking a little harder to find someone to "take me on" as a wife. I was so upset that I cried for two hours before we went, and only decided to go so as to go see my best friend Belinda.
When we arrived, I took off to see my friend, who happened to be babysitting at the time. We proceeded to walk the two or three blocks to the park, with her nephew, when her brother, Marvin drove by. Little Jeffy cried out for his "Uncle Marv", who stopped and offered to give us a ride to the park to appease the wailing child.
Belinda's brother Marvin, was good looking, wild and confident. With his clean-cut marine corp haircut, his amazing green eyes, and that smile; he was way out of my league. He and his sister were talking in the front of the truck, while I entertained little Jeffy. When, out of the blue, Marvin stopped the truck and said "hey, you want to have a good time tonight?"
I was so shocked I'm not certain exactly what I said, but within minutes we were preparing to go out on a double-date. Me and Marvin and Belinda and her on-off boyfriend David. I still don't know what she had to promise him, but here I was plain Diane and amazing Marvin.
The date itself was normal until we were getting ready for us to leave and head home. Marvin was a little disappointed, thinking he would get lucky, I guess. And then he kissed me.
It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I knew at that moment that this would be the man I would marry. It was like a lightning bolt, a moment of clarity. And somehow I think I knew that he had felt it too.
He didn't call me right away, it was probably a month or two later when he called out-of-the-blue. We talked for probably two hours, about everything. And then he said that he couldn't stop thinking about me. And he asked me to marry him. At first I thought he was absolutely crazy. After all, we had only been on one date. But he said, " believe me- we're gonna get married". It took him quite a while to convince me that he was serious, but in February, he bought me a ring and we set a date. That was 1982. We have been happily married since May of 1982, now twenty-five years ago. And we have never regretted any of it.

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