It was with some trepidation that I decided to purchase my f

Diamonds-usa review 757, I am extremely happy with my experience shopping with Diamonds-USA R.Steele ,OK USA

Thursday, December 30, 2004

It was with some trepidation that I decided to purchase my fiancee's engagement ring online, as might be imagined.

To start with, there was the general worry about purchasing a ring that she would like, and that would fulfill my desire for a high quality ring within my limited budget.

Add to this my concern over making such a large purchase via a medium in which I have occasionally lost money to less than scrupulous retailers and you have a very nervous shopper.

However, after researching diamonds and determining some aspects of my intended's tastes in ringware, I began my search for an engagement ring set online.

 After perusing the selections available at several competing websites, I chanced upon Diamonds-USA. Here I found a stunning platinum set and a very nice selection of certified diamonds to set in the engagement ring.

I made my choice of setting and diamond, and placed my order.

You can imagine my concern, when, after wiring the funds from my bank, I noticed no change in order status on the website.

 I call the provided 800 number, and a male voice answers, "Hello?" I sit stunned with worry for a moment. "Is this Diamonds-USA," I ask? "Yes, and you are speaking to David Braverman. To whom am I speaking?" Relief floods over me. (David is the jewelsmith, and, I believe, CEO.)

I voice my concerns, and he informs me that the rings are out for casting and will ship out before the end of the week.

Before the end of the week, my parents tell me that the ring has arrived, and would I like them to take and have it appraised? I concur, and my mother takes the ring for appraisal.

The appraiser takes one look at the rings and the certificates that accompany the rings, and tells my mother that the price she showed him is much less than the value of the rings.

Making this even more poignant, my mother had shown the appraiser the insurance value invoice which Diamonds-USA sent out with the rings.

The appraisal invoice price was $1770 more than I had actually paid for the rings!

I am extremely happy with my experience shopping with Diamonds-USA, and would recommend that anyone looking to increase the value of his or

her jewelry dollars consider a Diamonds-USA diamond.


R. Steele

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