Diamonds are a Birthday Girl's Best Friend..U.K

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

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I wanted something extra special this year for my Mum's 65th Birthday.
Her birthday is actually July, but I started shopping at the beginning of June as she's not the easiest person to buy presents for!

An idea began to take hold.... The more I looked around at gifts the more I realised I actually wanted to buy her a diamond, something for her to cherish, to enjoy and to wear. We had bought my engagement ring 3 years ago from Diamonds USA and already knew the service was exceptional and the quality impeccable. So naturally I looked them up once again.

This time I narrowed the search down to about 8 diamonds! Nothing like being decisive!! But I really love the element of choice - that control is exciting and the fun lies in being able to literally choose your own gem and setting, this makes the experience completely unique and personal, unlike going to a jeweller in a high street. As I couldn't decide between stones I emailed the company and David Braverman (the President) got back to me within a day to tell me his opinion on the stones I'd chosen.

Not content with email - I telephoned too and he was incredibly helpful. So I ordered the diamond and had it set into a yellow gold pendant for her.

The only issue was with Google checkout. As a matter of course because of the amount we were spending on the web our VISA payment was held back until they were sure it was a genuine purchase - this didn't interrupt Diamonds USA who said they would allow extra time for the payment to go through or offered us an alternative method. I had a few emails from Google to say it hadn't gone through when it had but called Diamonds USA and they assured us everything was fine.
The payment went through - but the card charges made it more expensive, that was nothing to do with Diamonds USA but I would advise anyone else making a payment via a credit card to read the small print on their purchase policy when dealing with overseas transactions, next time I will use a bank transfer or other method!

And when the necklace arrived 3 days early I was ectastic! I couldn't wait to see it - and it was beautiful, simply gorgeous. But how I felt was nothing compared to the look on my Mum's face when I handed it to her.

There is silence in the presence of diamonds sometimes! Anyone who has ever been in awe of a stone will know what I refer to.

That instance when she opened the box, saw it and stared at it - I'll never ever forget it. Magical. The radiance of the diamond literally lit her up - she sparkled and was speechless. My Mum without words? A very rare moment in itself!

Thank you for the fantastic customer service, for that personal touch, for helping and being considerate and actually caring about your customers. Lastly what amazing value for money, I could never have afforded to spend in a high street jewellers what it transpires that this necklace is worth.

I'll be back again I am sure. In the meantime, my Mum agrees that Diamonds are indeed a Girl's best friend, regardless of age.

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