From: GREML1N572@AOL.COM Was undecided at first whether to m

Diamonds-usa review 1460, at high street rings .. but with less colour and clarity ...I have saved at least ?£1000 , $1940 .U.K

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Was undecided at first whether to make what was for me a quite expensive purchase online and from another country ( USA ).

After months of online searching and reading reviews about the Diamonds-USA web site I decided to take the bull by the horns and make this special 40th anniversary gift with Diamonds-USA.

The online experience was a pleasure and simplicity itself by following the instuctions to design the ring myself. I was able to select an 18 ct gold 3 stone diamond ring setting Criss Cross (The Lucida ).

I was then able to select two side stones and a centre stone that were within my budget and then look at the completed ring.
I was happy with the appearance and stone specifications ( all certificated ) and placed my order.
Up until now I had been able to design 4 or 5 different rings and save these in my wish list. This I was able to call up the next time I signed onto the site and if by chance one or more of the stones was sold before I made my final choice I was informed of this by e-mail.

Placing the order and receiving my ring in the UK took 10 days and during this time I was able to follow the packages progress by signing onto the site and looking at "My Account".

I received the package in very good condition and contained my ring 3 certificates and my invoice.
As the ring is a suprise for September 2008 I have not had the chance to value it.

But looking at high street rings of similar design but with less colour and clarity in the diamonds I have saved at least ?£1000 ( $1940 ).
It is far nicer than I could have imagined and I am sure my wife will be absolutely thrilled.

I have no fear of highly reccommending any would be purchaser to use this online retailer and any purchase made will be more than worthwhile.

Ray Bateman, Wales, UK
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