From: Subject:"Thanks for a greate

Diamonds-usa review 1446, The jewelry store repeatedly tried to talk me out of buying on the Internet...Eric K.-USA

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Subject:"Thanks for a greate engagement ring!"

I just wanted to thank you for the diamond engagement ring I purchased from you.

 At first I was a little leery about buying such an important thing on the internet. I first went to a jewelry store in a mall that my brother recommend. He knew the people there and they would give me their rock bottom price.

Well with the diamond and the setting I wanted, their lowest price kept going up, until the point I just returned it and checked you guys out.

 By the way their diamond was far inferior to the diamond I purchased from you. It was a 0.61 carat, SI2, G color and cost more than $1000 over the price for the 0.71 carat, F color, VS1 I bought from you.

 The jewelry story repeatedly tried to talk me out of buying on the Internet and wanted to know your website. Everyone I showed your diamond to was amazed about its quality and price.

 I plan on proposing to her in July at night on a nice lake in Maine. I just know the ring and the setting will be perfect, she will love it!

 We are Christians and the fact that it came directly from the "Holy Land" is a plus!

 Thanks again ~ Erik

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