From: John Shape November 26, 2002 H

Diamonds-usa review 1009, "... I was truly amazed by the speed and efficiency of your shipping.."

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

From: John Shape

November 26, 2002


Hello David,


I gave the ring to my wife last night and she was thrilled – life’s too short, why wait until Christmas anyway!


I just wanted you to know that I was very pleased with the way that I was able to make this purchase and with the assistance of your staff. Being able to see the individual stones and their inclusions [or lack thereof] in the photographs on-line was very helpful in making my decision. Also, seeing the grading certificate made determining the quality of the cut a bit easier. However, the ability to see the stone and have it ‘checked out’ by my local jeweler in advance of final payment -- with no obligation to purchase -- was a major deciding factor in my choosing your firm. The stone was just as represented and according to my jeweler, a good value for the money.


On top of that, I was truly amazed by the speed and efficiency of your shipping. Literally, the ring arrived almost overnight.


Thanks again,


John Shape

Grand Rapids, MI
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