Bonham’s Set to Auction Its 4.03 Carat Stunning Blue Diamond at an Event Next Month

Bonham’s Set to Auction Its 4.03 Carat Stunning Blue Diamond at an Event Next Month, News 98

Monday, August 28, 2017

Blue is one of the most exotic colors in diamonds, and that’s a fact diamond merchants cash on when selling these lucky finds. Very recently, Bonham’s, one of the heavyweights in the diamond industry of London shared the news that it is about to unveil one such sparkling blue diamond through an auction event next month.
A little digging divulged that this prized asset Bonham’s is expecting to release is worth 4.03ct. That’s evidently not much considering the companies unveil diamonds worth tens of carats every month on these big-ticket auctions. But because it is fancy and an intense blue variety, Bonham’s is expecting to make a sale of $2 million with it.

The 4.03 carat blue diamond brandishes a spectacular pear cut. The stone is said to have been a part of a private collection for over 30 years or so. Bonham’s confirmed it when it was asked about the source of this exotic gem.

Considering its clarity, carat and cut, the auction house expects an approximate bid of $1.5 million which in GBP is 1.2 million for the gem. The highest bid, the spokesperson said, the company is estimating for this pear-cut blue diamond stone is around the neighborhood of $1.9 million.
When asked about its gnarly value, Jean Ghika, the head of jewelry at Bonham’s UK who was available for comment confirmed that this jewel is extremely rare. As it is, blue diamonds are highly coveted, and this one is spectacular and priceless.

However, this stone is not going to be the only piece that will be auction that evening. Ghika confirms that it will be put up with an eclectic lot of other jewels. The stone will be auctioned in London, Geneva and Hong Kong before it is sold off to its highest bidder. The company expects to spark up maximum interest among buyers in these selected places.

The auction where Bonham’s fancy blue diamond will be displayed for the first time is scheduled on 20
th September, which is about 25 days from now.
At the Fine Jewelry Auction will be many other exquisite jewels. Among the items mentioned by the company is a swoon worthy 4.83 carat grayish blue vintage diamond brooch. This piece also contains an array of other gems that include a pair of dark brown and greenish yellow diamonds. The two weigh 2.51 and 2.38C. The last piece of diamond that makes an appearance in this luxuriant pin is a 1.90 carat pink diamond. The jewel is an import from the last century, sometime around the 1950s. Like everything else, Bonham’s has estimated the selling price of this piece. A spokesperson said that they are willing it sell it for any sum between $837, 000 and $1.1 million.

While that is still on the menu, collectors from around the world are expected to flock together to bid for and witness the sale of the pretty blue diamond.


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