Jewelry Sales Goes up WorldwideWeeks before the Valentine’s Day

Jewelry Sales Goes up WorldwideWeeks before the Valentine’s Day, News 90

Sunday, March 12, 2017
Jewelry Sales Goes up WorldwideWeeks before the Valentine’s Day

The jewelry industry is one of the many that profits big from celebrations such as the Valentine’s Day. This year, like in all the past years, the sales of jewelries have known to surge up at the wake of the Valentine’s Day. Experts have noticed a sudden spurt in sales in jewelry stores both prominent ones and small shops in the days leading up to the 14th of February. The sales figures have pulsated to the highest on Valentine’s Day itself.

Mark Segrist, the owner of a jewelry shop and a designer himself for the past 25 years was one of the businessmen enquired in a survey that followed the sales splurge in the jewelry industry. He spoke about how the day serves as a reminder to the passion that once indicated him towards jewelry making.
Segrist commented, "I don't think there's too many things that express love and certainly longevity the way jewelry does, especially diamonds that can be passed down from generation to generation. It truly is giving what could potentially be a family heirloom and flowers and chocolates don't quite do that. "
Researchers followed the trend to its bottom to face more revealing facts about this movement. Valentine’s Day has proven to be opportune for many lovers to ask the big question. That is one of the chief contributing factors behind the revenue spurt in the jewelry industry right before the day.
More and more people are now inclining towards customizing their own rings instead of buying store-designed products. The market has moved upward progressively over the past few years and it is expected to be bound on its upward journey in the foreseeable future.

Valentine's day sales

So, while Valentine’s Day love is selling wares for jewelers, the gift industry is profiting from this celebration too. But, the revenue of the latter is paltry as compared to the diamonds industry.
Millions of people around the world buy diamonds on this day, to present to their partners, lovers and even family members. Grandparents are seen buying diamond gifts for their grandchildren,
sons for mothers, brothers for sisters and husbands for wives.

Though diamonds sell all the year round, a distinct leap in sales is noticed around this time of the year. Researchers are already tabbing the difference and are trying to extract useful information from this movement.
Meanwhile, if you are planning to buy anything this Valentine’s, a diamond ornament sounds like a great idea.
Thousands of new pieces arrive at the store weeks before 14th Feb, making diamonds an obvious choice of gift for people. Though countless choices may make things a little too confusing to handle, you may find some of the best pieces to purchase around this day than any other time of the year. A week from the day is when the collections in the store is richest.

Stores appoint personal designers to fashion new ornaments that are purported just for the occasion of celebration of love.
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