Ruth Negga’s Rubies Outshine Diamonds and Pearls This 2017 Oscars

Ruth Negga’s Rubies Outshine Diamonds and Pearls This 2017 Oscars, News 89

Friday, March 03, 2017

Ruth Negga’s Rubies Outshine Diamonds and Pearls This 2017 Oscars

Ruth Negga made headlines thisOscars as she walked the night in her showstopper Valentino gown garlanded withbrilliant rubies. Unlike most in Oscars, Negga intelligently avoided bling forthis star-studded night. Instead, she choose to play it down, while all thesame, keeping it bright and brilliant. She coupled her flaming red gown withrather light, but intricate jewels. Negga wore her short hair in a simplebackbrush and tucked it neatly in place with a spectacular ruby tiara. Neggawho was nominated for the Oscars this year under the best actress category forher performance in Loving was definitely an eye candy that evening, amongothers.

She paraded the red carpetgracefully in her blazing red dress that trailed off behind her. But the realstunner was not her dress, but the ornaments that adorned her hair and ears.Negga’s priceless rubies are the creation of Irene Neuwirth who calls it one ofthe Gemfields. It is a set of three, a headpiece studded with rubies alone,danglers for the ears framed with rubies and diamonds and a delicate ring whichis again a mix of diamonds and rubies. The rubies used in the collection areall Mozambican stones of the best grade possible.

The head piece alone contains146.16 carats of rubies to be exact. The earrings which contained both rubiesand diamonds, have 37.18 and 3.26 carats of the two, respectively. Her ringalone was 14.89 carats of similar grade Mozambican rubies with white diamondpaving around.

The entire ensemble is shaped inblacked white gold which took out the bling effect of gold, and replaced itwith a very antique feel. None of the jewelries Negga had on her in the Oscarsevening were gaudy. Instead, each of the pieces was crafted with care anddevotion that one can relate to only the likes of Irene Neuwirth.

The silver finish of her headbandstood out in the carnival of sparklers. Her tiara sports rubies of assortedshapes, each standing erect and clasped at the base with four prong settings.The stones are all set on a sleek band of white gold that remained out of sightletting all eyes gather around the ruby ornamentation of the band.

The earpieces were a touch morecomplicated by comparison. Two chunky oval-cut rubies made the top from whichhung two strings of diamonds interrupted by and ending in rubies. The rubies atthe tail created a beautiful drop effect. The contrast made the rubies lookdarker and better.

Word has it that Irene Neuwirthand Negga’s celebrity stylist Karla Welch worked together for months to designthe entire suite. As we can imagine, it has taken a good deal of work to bringthese rubies to life in a spectacular headpiece and earrings. The designerherself admitted that the project had taken her outside comfort space.Neuwirth’s style is more the wild rainbows and delicate designs. This one was adeparture from the usual.


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