Jill & Justin engagement story

Jill & Justin engagement story, News 87

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Jill & Justin

Jill and Justine were neighborssince they were infants. They went to the same elementary school, the samemiddle school and the same high school. So, it goes without saying that theyhave known each other all their lives. Things were flat until, high school.Justin started to take a liking for Jilly from the first year of school.

What exactly triggered that isstill not very clear for Justin, but he says, “In a moment, she suddenly cameto plain view, like as if a curtain was lifted I could see clearer thanbefore.”

Whatever must have catalyzed thatrealization, adolescence or anything else, it happened for good. Jill on theother hand was pretty oblivious of Justin’s interest at that point. Before theprom, Justin asked Jill if she wanted to be his prom date. At first she didn’ttake him seriously. But, when he made clear that his proposal was honest, shesaid yes.

The prom night was where Jillstarted to look at Justin, the boy next door pretty seriously. Though theydidn’t start dating right away, but they secretly harbored feelings for oneanother till they went to college. In the final year of college, Justin askedJill to be his girlfriend.

Years passed and with that, theirrelationship grew stronger and more beautiful. Though the physical distancebetween them grew and they were neighbors no more, having ventured out into theworld in pursuit of professional success, they continued to stay strongtogether.

The year they turned 30 is whenJustin decided to propose to Jill, but at first, he had little idea as to howto do it. He wasn’t exactly the romantic type and Jill knew that, being hisgirlfriend for so many years. So, he knew she wouldn’t be expecting much. Buthe didn’t want his performance to be encumbered by his reputation. So, hestarted brainstorming ideas that are exceptionally romantic. One of them heparticularly liked.

Proceeding on that path, on aweekend, he drove Jill to the neighborhood where they grew up. He had arrangedfor a little friends reunion which was a lovely surprise for Jill. She waselated to meet her childhood friends with whom she had lost contact many yearsbefore. It had taken Justin hours to do the digging online to be able to locatethem and contact them to arrange this rendezvous.

Right before the dinner at theirfavorite local restaurant, Justin announced that he wanted to make a toast, toall and then to Jill. He raised his glass to the “most beautiful girl he hasever called his own” and asked her, “This is back to where it all started, andI thought it would be great if I took advantage of the mood and moment to plugin a little thing that I have tonight. Jill, you are my best friend, my mosttrusted advisor and the very support of my life. It is with high hopes that Iask you today to marry me and be mine forever.”

The party cheered wildly as shesaid yes.


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