The green Emerald gem is "in" with engagement rings

The green Emerald gem is "in" with engagement rings, News 186

Wednesday, March 24, 2021
Emeralds and Yellow gold Are Now an Item

Emeralds back in fashion this year, and even in a scenario where all the colored gems are jostling with one another to spark popular interest, emeralds stand out of the rest. These sterling green gems are however not going solo this year. A number of accent styles have been introduced in jewelry designing making emerald jewelries all the more interesting. So, when it comes to flanking an emerald, which gem stands the best chance? The choices are countless, but there is only one which is the soul mate of these sage stones. Yellow diamonds and emeralds are going to be besties this whole year.


Green and Gold

The theme has already caught up in the ring section, particularly in the engagement genre which is in desperate need for serious refurbishment. Colorless diamonds, after all this while, have become predictable and monotonous. What the buyers want is something different, and interestingly so. The pairing of emeralds and yellow diamonds has caught the imagination of thousands of brides to be and men who are looking to surprise their loved ones with a ring that is downright fabulous. Whether it’s the color contrast, or the complimentary shine of the stones that make them tight mates remain to be explored.


Fancy-Cut Emerald and Diamond Ring

A specimen of the emerald-yellow diamond union is this octagon emerald platinum ring. The marriage of two most brilliant stones emerald and yellow diamonds find completion in this masterpiece. The ring which has a design so rare and unique that it deserves a second, possibly a third look, wears a gigantic emerald about 2 and a half carat at the center. Cut in an octagon shape, the stone’s cut sparks interests instantly. Eight gold claws in pairs hug the stone by its blunted corners. The contrast of gold and green sets the mood right for the eyes to expect an explosion the next second. Sitting close to the emerald and contouring it from the sides are two pairs of trapezoid yellow diamonds. Burning bright and shedding its golden sparkle all around the ring, the yellow diamonds collectively weigh about a carat.

The glamour show is far from over however. Smugly set in a row where the diamonds end are eight colorless diamonds, four on each side. The gems take up about more than half of the shining platinum band. The diamonds mark the end of the accenting. The rest of the band exhibits a smooth polish and a texture-free bend.

The band though mostly cut and curved to accommodate the gems have an interesting feature of its own. Made mostly from platinum, the band is joined by a golden frame at the front which makes the seat for the colored gems. A lattice of gold holds the center stones and the side gems before the band takes over with the diamonds on ends to form the budge.

Pick this particular piece or grab something that has a touch of green and yellow in it to stay in fashion this year. Emerald education Emerald is of the  precious gem family and a variety of the mineral beryl  colored green by trace amounts of chromium and sometimes vanadium. Beryl has a hardness of 7.5–8 on the Mohs scale.Most emeralds are highly included.



The best color of an Emerald is the purest green in the color spectrum

Tone: Tone is how light or dark is the color, it starts from colorless to black. Medium Dark & Deep intense (green) are the best. Always avoid Dark tones in gems.


Many Emeralds have additional colors to their basic color, the most beautiful ones will be Strong Blueish Green & Intense Bluish Green.  


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