You’re A Diamond, Dear: 10 Tips For Picking The Perfect Jewelry Gift
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You’re A Diamond, Dear: 10 Tips For Picking The Perfect Jewelry Gift, News 183

Saturday, March 20, 2021

one of a kind person, she is

A gift of well-chosen jewelry can be a wonderful way for you to let your beloved know how much they mean to you. But choosing the right piece can be tricky. It should say, “You’re a diamond, dear”, and not, “I haven’t paid any attention to your style”... or worse!

Not sure where to even begin? Feeling overwhelmed by the choices of cuts, carats, and color? Here are ten valuable tips to remember to help you pick the perfect jewelry gift for that someone special in your life.

1. What’s The Occasion?

A gift of jewelry should be appropriate for the occasion. Is it a marriage proposal? A wedding anniversary? Christmas? A birthday? Valentine’s Day?

If you are not yet married, beware of gifting a diamond ring, as they are traditionally associated with engagements. It’s important to not create the wrong impression. If the occasion is an important one, consider a more expensive piece such as a bejeweled necklace that will dazzle them. If you’re celebrating a simpler occasion, get something smaller, such as a simple pendant on a chain, or earrings.

engagement ring is turned into a cocktail ring

Engagement ring turned into a cocktail ring

2. Always In Style

Diamond stud earrings always in style

Diamond earring studs

When choosing a jewelry gift, take the recipient’s personal style into account. Does she usually wear chunky modern pieces? Dainty vintage designs? Classic diamond stud earrings? Simple pendants on fine chains?

Before going shopping, you should take the time to pay attention to what the intended recipient usually wears. The pieces they wear often should offer helpful clues to their taste in jewelry. Remember, fashion is a form of self-expression. Your gift should be one that complements their wardrobe and their personality.

3. Pick Up Dropped Hints

Most people are not shy about dropping subtle and not-so-subtle hints about the things they like, and that includes jewelry. If she draws attention to rings, necklaces, earrings, or other items that she spots in store windows or online, pay attention to those pieces.

Even if you’re not able to get the exact item that they want, it may be possible to get something in a similar style. There’s a good chance that her desired items of jewelry are in keeping with her personal style. Making the connection between the two can help to steer you in the right direction.

4. Buy The Best Quality

There is a world of difference between cut glass in a pewter setting, and a diamond in a platinum setting. When picking the perfect jewelry gift, you should go for the best quality that your budget allows.

A poorly made piece made from inferior materials is likely to tarnish, break, or be damaged easily. Something of the best quality, on the other hand, reinforces the message that the recipient is someone special.

5. Color Is Important

The color of the precious metal is another important factor when deciding what to buy. The recipient has already decided what colors suit their skin tone best, and you should take note of that.

You should purchase a piece in the metal the intended recipient wears most regularly, whether that be gold, rose gold, or silver. When it comes to pieces that feature gold and silver or other mixed elements, be careful. Opinions about the trend are as mixed as the pieces themselves. If she prefers single-color pieces, purchase something in her preferred color.

6. Rings – What To Consider

As mentioned above, you should be wary of buying a ring for someone to whom you are neither engaged nor married. It could send the wrong message and lead to an uncomfortable situation, which is definitely not the intended or desired reaction when giving jewelry!


If a ring is intended as an anniversary gift or to mark another appropriate occasion, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, find out his or her ring size if you do not know it already. If finding the size upfront is not possible, make sure the ring can be exchanged if it does not fit.

Secondly, pay attention to the style of any rings they wear already. Rings can change the appearance of the fingers, so it’s important to get something that complements the shape, rather than detracting from it.

7. Necklaces – Factors To Remember

A well-chosen necklace can quickly become a favorite piece of jewelry that is worn often, if not every day. If you’re planning on purchasing a diamond necklace, you should take special care when doing so.

One of the factors to remember is to purchase the standard length of 18”. The approach is one size fits all, and the length can easily be adjusted by the addition or removal of links. If the intention is to include a pendant, it’s important that the piece matches the recipient’s style and tastes. If she’s particularly religious, it is probably better to choose a simple cross over a zodiac sign.

8. Bracelets – A Few Hints

If you think a bracelet will make the perfect gift, there are a few things to keep in mind. If the hope is that they will wear it often, purchase something with a sturdier, solid design. Finer, delicate pieces may be damaged during the course of the day’s activities.

Weight is also an important factor. Bracelets should be relatively light so as not to weigh the wearer down or get in the way. There are several options when choosing the size. You can select from small, medium, or large, or better yet, choose an adjustable, open-backed cuff bracelet.

9. Consider The 4 C’s

If you plan on buying a piece of diamond jewelery, you should have at least a basic understanding of the 4 C’s. This will help you decide on pricing, quality, and how to get the best value.

Each of the 4 C’s - cut, color, clarity, and carat - plays a role in a diamond’s beauty and value. In this sense, understanding the 4 C’s is imperative so you can find the right balance and avoid spending your budget on a characteristic that goes unnoticed. Each component is graded to assess the quality, but what’s still the most important is how the diamond appears to the naked eye.

10. Add a Personal Touch With Engraving

If you plan on personalizing the jewelry with an engraving, make sure you choose a piece that is suitable. Most rings, bracelets, and the reverse of pendants provide enough room for an engraved message. In most cases, necklaces and earrings are not ideal, so if a special inscription is desired, they may need to be passed over in favor of something more suitable.

Jewelry can be a truly unforgettable gift, making a special occasion all the more memorable. Use the hints and tips above to pick the perfect jewelry gift for that one-of-a-kind person

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