Abbie Cornish Unveils Her Mesmerizing Engagement Ring

Abbie Cornish Unveils Her Mesmerizing Engagement Ring , News 156

Saturday, September 14, 2019

This Valentine’s Day like last years’ was full of surprises. Many celebrities who have waited months for this occasion to get engaged got so with lots of fanfare. Katie Perry and Orlando Bloom, Jessica Rothe and Eric Clem, the list goes on and on.  Abbie Cornish’s name is one of those Hollywood celebrities who chose this day to get betrothed this year. It was a Valentine’s Day classic for Abbie Cornish. The actress’s long-time beau Adel Kyokushin, got engaged on the night of this universally celebrated day while on a holiday. The news was received very well among their fans and the Internet crowd broke into a deafening cheer with their posts and comments.

Adel Kyokushin who is a decorated MMA fighter and the Australian beauty shared posts on their Instagram with couple pictures in a red lit room, their hands intertwined. If you notice carefully, the picture has not only Cornish’s lovely French manicure, but also a dazzling ring. Seen only in profile in the picture, the ring is admired by many for its modernist design and heavy adornments. Soon, Cornish appeased the bubbling curiosity of her fans by posting a close-up picture of the ring which revealing a stunning bauble, crafted just for the purpose of engagement.

Awash in what looks like a dark room light, the picture features their hands with the engagement ring sparkled on her fourth finger. Below, Cornish writes, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”- John Keats. You've swept me off my feet my love. I have been waiting for you. The answer is yes!” This was sweetly followed by pictures of the two together on Valentine’s Day evening and of the ring which was easily outshone them both that evening. The ring was without a doubt the star of the event that got everybody into a fit of excitement.

The first sight alone was enough to sweep all the women off their feet. The ring features the split shank element of contemporary designs which became twice more attractive in this case, being sprinkled generously with diamonds all over. The band sparkle dinteneley from the diamond effect that elevated the split shank band to a whole different level. The band is only secondary to the main attraction which is a vivacious diamond center. In the front, the ring features a lovely round-cut diamond which, should at least be 3 carat, if not more.

The unique touch is however neither the center stone, nor the band, but the halo that wraps the stone to create a circle of fire. The round-cut diamond is set with a halo which curiously forms a cushion border around it. This gives the ring a certain advantage in terms of silhouette. The round and the cushion came together beautifully at the center to lend the ring its sparkling quality. The paved split shank only added to the effect making the ring a gem-sudden affair. From the top it appears that every corner and crevice of the design is jammed with diamonds which alone explains the intense sparkle.

 Abbie Cornish engagement ring

Abbie Cornish engagement ring

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