Swoon-Worthy Sparklers from the British BAFTA 2019 night

Swoon-Worthy Sparklers from the British BAFTA 2019 night , News 152

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The British BAFTA 2019 was a glamorous event where sparklers reigned supreme. Diamonds were the soul of the jewelry at the red carpet sprawled in the honor of the celebrated guests who graced the award ceremony. The honored guests dressed in their best clothes and flashed their largest diamonds giving the audience moments of breathlessness. Pearls and diamonds made a heavy part of the Duchess’s attire, while others followed suite with their glitzy treasures, given by Cartier that showered the evening with exemplary jewelries and a bunch of other gifted jewelers. Here are some of the baubles that caught our imagination at the red carpet evening at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Rachel Weisz’s Iconic Set
Rachel Weisz walked the evening in her frilly beige gown which was perfectly paired with a combination of Cartier High Jewelry. The chief among her baubles was a Cartier High Jewelry ring which featured diamonds, emeralds and black lacquer. Crafted in 18K white gold, the piece is a marvel that attracted all eyes. Along with that, she wore a pair of Faune et Flore de Cartier earrings, that too like the ring was curved in white gold, but adorned only with diamonds. Together, her lit up her looks which comprised of simple makeup and hair.

Rachael Weiz at the 2019 British BAFTA

Lily Collins’ Mixed Gem Suite
All eyes were on Lilly Collins on the night of February 10th. The actress bedazzled the crown and cameras with high fashion satin blue gown. With that she wore Cartier High Jewelry that are crafted in platinum and adorned with varying colored gems. Her ring featured sapphires and diamonds which complemented the inky blue of gown.  On her other hand she wore another Cartier ring curved in 18K white gold which too was beset with sapphire and diamonds to match her dress. The same combination of gold and platinum dressed her earrings, although sapphires were excluded from the pieces. 

Lily Collins – BAFTA 2019

Glenn Close’s Multi-Gem Accessories
Glenn Close looked simply superb at the BAFTA Awards this year. The veteran actress wore a long and flowy gown with gold and silver embroideries at the waist. She finished the sparkle in her dress with a Cartier High Jewelry set that comprised a pair of earrings and ring heavily laden with sapphire and diamonds and curved in sterling platinum. The chandelier earrings that featured a series of shimmering diamonds in a platinum lattice were the chief attraction of her attire.


Glenn Close’s British BAFTA 2019

Claire Foy’s Diamonds
The Crowne star followed the rest in her selection of jewelry. Topping her sage gown with diamonds, the actress wore a set of Cartier High Jewelry set which comprised a beautiful pair of earrings and stunning bracelet. Lined with diamonds and curved in platinum, the pieces are both exquisite on their own. The actress looked gorgeous in her short hair and light makeup, but it’s the diamonds that elevated her minimal attire to the level of extraordinary.

Claire Foy at the BAFTA 2019

Viola Davis’s Fernando Jorge Earrings
Viola Davis took a different path from the rest, as far as jewelry was concerned. Instead of going the same way as the rest and in that picking numbers from Cartier, she wore Fernando Jorge jewelries. Her satin white gown she paired with a bedazzling pair of white gold earrings that make jaws drop instantly. Designed with little dots of gems that extend out in four directions from the central row to create a distinctly 3D effect, the piece really delivers. With that as the only piece of jewelry on her, David rocked the night looking simply beautiful.


Laura Harrier’s Bulgari Brooch
There are many ways of wearing a brooch, but we don’t know all of them. Laura Harrier proved that with a swoon worthy brooch that accessorized her pleated high neck, saffron gown. She wore the brooch as a hairpin, using it to tuck her hair on one side behind her ear. The brooch which was heavily adorned with emeralds and diamonds looked spectacular and served as the most ornate hairpiece ever. Her ears were mostly bear with skinny hoops on the upper holes helped the brooch to garner all the attention it deserves. Her charming smile was the icing on the cake which made everybody nod with admiration.



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