Brittany Cartwright’s Blinding Engagement ring Sparkler

Brittany Cartwright’s Blinding Engagement ring Sparkler , News 149

Saturday, February 09, 2019

Reunion following a brief breakup is nothing new among couples in love. The story of Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor, the stars of Vanderpump Rules is no different. First there were rumors about their breakup and the next thing we know, the two are back together, and with a bang, or should we say bling. Brittany turned to social media to flaunt a bedazzling new piece of jewelry on her fourth finger. Apparently, the two got engaged after three years of dating. Jax officially went down on one knee and popped the question with a ring that was gorgeous enough to drop jaws.
As pictures of the ring got circulating on the Internet, the exquisite sparkle evoked the curiosity of fans across the world. Word got out soon that her bling was worth something around $70, 000. That’s right, and if you have seen the ring, you’d know that it’s worth every penny. Cartwright’s engagement bauble is a stunner. The ring that has got millions floored is a 3.14 carat white diamond ring. The diamond at a cushion-cut feature that sparkles intensely, even without the help of the twin halos that encase it.
The 3 carat diamond is contoured by a double halo design which too is inlaid with diamonds, much smaller, but it only works to elevate the sparkle of the ring. The actress uploaded several pictures on her Instagram flashing the gorgeous sparkler. But a much closer look of the ring is to be had in the video uploaded by the creator of the ring, Kyle Chan. The ring as stunning as it looks, is the result of precise craftsmanship and creative designing. If you are a lover of sparklers, then you can’t take your eyes away, and will keep going back to look at the exquisite ring again and again.
The ring no doubt was an excellent choice, but the choice of designer too was. Kyle Chang is a close friend of Jax Taylor, and when the idea popped in his idea, he knew just who to take it to. When Taylor reached out to Chang, he made a few recommendations. This out-of-the-world number was a customized creation of Chang who later shared, “Designing Jax and Brittany’s ring was very exciting and emotional to me, because they are close friends of mine that I adore. Making their ring was also a bit scary, because you absolutely want to make the perfect ring for people you care about."
He also said, “This ring was specially designed with Brittany in mind. [Jax and Brittany] had an idea of what type of style and diamond they were looking for: micro pave setting around a larger center stone." Cue the dramatic music: A micro pave setting is difficult to nail, Chan said, and "if you miss it by a hair, [the ring] does not end up looking right. I took their original idea and added my own spin to it.”

The ring Kyle rolled out is surely going to go down as the year’s one of the best we have seen.


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