Malin Akerman’s Daringly Different Sparkler

Malin Akerman’s Daringly Different Sparkler , News 147

Tuesday, December 25, 2018
Malin Akerman recently got married to her English fiancé, Jack Donnelly, with whom if you don’t know, she has been engaged for over a year. The two flew to Tulum, Mexico to tie the knot in an exotic setting to honor the foreign roots of both the actors. The actress wore a lovely pink gown in which she literally dazzled. The beach ceremony was every bit gorgeous as one can imagine. About a year from now, the actor announced her engagement to Donnelly on Instagram calling him a “sweet and loving man”. Aside from the news of the engagement, what took a large share of the limelight was her engagement bling.

Some called it ginormous, others blindingly sparkling and most, unmistakably unique. We think the ring is everything and more. Akerman’s engagement ring was truly a cut above the rest. It is a dark colored diamond stone set in a sparkling band. But that’s only a very uninteresting description of the ring. Look closer, and what meets the eye is a rare and exotic piece of jewelry that cannot be labeled at once. The designing credit of this spectacular piece goes to Soraya Silchensted who fashion it to perfection.

In an interview, Soraya recounted, “He wanted something magical and mystical. At first he had the idea of a black diamond but when we started looking at stones he chose what’s called a galaxy diamond.” Soraya is a specialist in custom designs, especially of engagement rings. Having rolled out countless engagement rings with details that have left the seekers nothing short of jaw dropped, he instantly took up the channel. Understanding his requirements fully, Soraya nudged Donnelly towards galaxy diamonds. If you have never heard of them before, galaxy diamonds are regular diamonds except for the darker color and random inclusions and flaws.

Galaxy diamonds are priced on their blemishes that are perceived as marks of beauty. The diamonds got their name from the fact that they resemble the galaxy of stars when seen up close. It is the blemishes that create an unreal galaxy like image inside the stones. Almost instantly, “Jack saw the artistry in this galaxy diamond,” and together with Soraya, they created the most spectacular piece of jewelry seen in a long time. It obviously was a very ambition project for Soraya just because of the rare choice of gemstone, but Soraya knew it was special, and so worked on it the best she could.
The engagement ring that he proposed Malin with is a yellow gold galaxy diamond ring that is rare and beautiful at least. The prongs that hold the stone in place are prominent in their warm yellow golden color. While the dark color of the stone dims out the sparkle a bit, the yellow gold frame of the ring lends it the warmth and richness that whip up a contrast of colors between the band and the stone. Toe elevate the sparkle effect; the ring is lined with diamonds around the center gem and the band.


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