Cameron Diaz’s Unique Engagement Band

Cameron Diaz’s Unique Engagement Band, News 143

Saturday, December 22, 2018

When the competition is about who’s got the largest rock, once Hollywood’s blonde sweetheart Cameron Diaz took an entirely different path. Stepping out of the box, she took the media by surprise when she announced her engagement to long-time beau Benji Lopez. Their sudden engagement and hush-hush follow-up marriage was a total surprise to the fans. After a whirlwind romance of 7 months, Benji popped the question and by January the two were married and back from their honeymoon enjoying a Los Angeles Lakers game. But that’s old new, right? Well, the reason why I brought up Cameron Diaz’s engagement is because I believe her ring did not get enough coverage at the time.

Although the couple did their best to keep their weddings hush-hush, at the game, Diaz’s hands were what we call on full display. On her fourth finger was a sparkling band which was unmistakably the ring which Lopez proposed with. Now the sparkler may not meet be the standard celebrity sparkler with a gigantic rock pooping out of an ultra-skinny band or an extravagantly gem-heavy piece, but it holds its own alright in the crowd of glamorous rings.

After a few try, photographers managed to capture a close-up snap of the engagement ring, and what met the eyes was a lovely surprise. Everything that was said about her ring being totally nontraditional is true. A brief outline of the ring will corroborate on that. Her engagement ring is a broad D band with ample surface area which glitters with gems. Made of yellow gold, the ring is at once bling y and the breadth makes it boastfully big. But it does not have the average ornamentation of a wedding band. Instead, the band features a center stone and accents all of which is put together to create a lovely design.
Inside a triangular slot that is staved at the heart of the ring sits a sparkling white diamond. The flush setting of the stones does little to hide its enormity, but does plenty to not let it overpower the overall aesthetics of the ring. The band around the center stone is dotted with gemstones of varying sizes that form a wavy pattern contouring the triangle at the center. Although a pattern is visible, at a glance the stone setting looks more random than organized. That gives the ring a casual charm that makes it distinctive.

The use of a D band gives the ring a full and rounded look. The smattering of gems on the sides is a welcome sight. The accent gems give the ring the extra weight it needs to stand out. To randomize the design, the jeweler made use of different kinds of gemstones to do the accent work which elevates the surprise element of the design.

All things considered, Cameron’s engagement ring is one of the best we have seen in the recent years. It may not outweigh the rock-size sparklers, but it has a luster and beauty of its own which comes as a breath of fresh air.


Cameron Diaz's engagement ring

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