Meg Ryan’s Delicate Engagement Sparkler

Meg Ryan’s Delicate Engagement Sparkler , News 142

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Meg Ryan was one of the most celebrated actresses of her time. Very few in Hollywood stood a chance before her unkempt curls, casual charm, delicate beauty and the million dollar smile that won millions of hearts. To this day, we adore her, not to mention her movies we so often go back to. The actress walked the Hollywood red carpet on Monday night and she was all smiles. At 56, the actress of You’ve Got Mail looked ravishing in a full-length high neck gown that had a fitted bodice and a flowing skirt embroidered all over with delicate thread works. But what caught most attention was a ring that she wore on her fourth finger. Yes, you guessed it right. Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp are ENGAGED.

The star of Sleepless in Seattle, Harry met Sally, City of Angels and so many other Hollywood blockbusters announced her engagement on November 8
th with Mellencamp whom she dated on and off for seven years. The news came to us through Instagram where Ryan share a sketch of themselves with the caption “ENGAGED!”. The Internet poured over the post congratulating the two for their sudden but long-awaited betrothal.
Now about the ring, it is quite a bit different from the standard celebrity engagement ring, in that it features a solid gold band which is not skimp nor skinny, and a diamond which is not rock-size but not inconspicuous either. The band looks chunky in the shining yellow gold metal, but it’s tastefully so. The ring exhibits an Art-Deco feel in its simplicity and weight. Sitting at the center of the ring is a dazzling white diamond which shimmers like fire. There aren’t many features to describe in the ring which makes it all the more noteworthy. The designer has fashioned it so that that diamond works its magic without anything else distracting the show.

Although it’s far from jaw dropping, it is a welcome break from the rock race that apparently whole of Hollywood is invested in. Her ring, though bereft of many features is glamorous and dainty both at once. The warm yellow tone of gold lends it a special richness which is hard to miss. To top that, the white diamond introduces an element of sparkle to finish it. The diamond is just the right size for the band and together, it’s a dainty piece that calls attention easily.

For those who like to keep away from all the glare of fist-size sparklers, but not quite, this is a very good example. With a decent sized diamond and a medium size band, everything in the ring is in moderation. But when these single features come together, they create a delightful aesthetics that is hard to miss and even harder to not admire. Her ring is already inspiring jewelers to fashion more engagement rings with similar features. Rings built in the same design lines are soon to hit the stores. Keep an eye out if you are looking for anything similar to this for your girl.

Meg Ryan and the engagement ring

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