Eddie Murphy Proposes with a Jaw-Dropping $1 Mil Sparkler

Eddie Murphy Proposes with a Jaw-Dropping $1 Mil Sparkler, News 139

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Actor/comedian Eddie Murphy recently got engaged to his girlfriend Paige Butcher, something
we came to know when Butcher stepped out wearing an enormous diamond ring on her fourth
finger. Later, the rep for the actor confirmed the news. Murphy 57 and Paige 39 are expecting a
baby soon. Paige was spotted with the ring on in casual clothing for the first time, although the
next time she was seen, she had a chic maxi dress on when she was photographed on her way
to Starbucks. Both the times, photographers managed to capture a close shot of the ring. Here
is what it looked like.
The ring is a big sparkly thing that is a bona fide statement-making piece. In the first few
glimpses, we gathered that the ring is a split-shank, silver toned white diamond solitaire. But
later, when a clearer photograph was obtained, the details came to view. The ring sure has a
rock size colorless diamond on it. The band is split shank style as was seen in the previous
pictures, but instead of a nude band, this one features are diamond encrusted one. While the
size of the diamond is still unknown, experts believe that it can’t be smaller than 6 carats at
The details of the diamond too are unavailable right now, but experts have taken a shot at
guessing the price of the ring. Most of them have estimated the ring to be in the neighborhood
of $1 million. There also were some reports from close sources who divulged that Murphy paid
over $1 million for the ring. The designer of the ring too is unknown as of now, but it won’t be
wrong to guess that is exclusively prepared for the occasion and is not an off-the-rack purchase.
Be that as it may, we wish them both good luck for their life together.
Eddie Murphy is father to eight children, aside the one he’s expecting with Butcher. He was
formerly married to Nicole Mitchell Murphy with whom he has 5 children and his oldest son by
Paulette McNealy.
Meanwhile, those who find yourselves drooling over the ring would be exalted to know that
similar versions have already arrived in the market. You may not find an exact copy of the ring,
but these ones are close, some even better. The biggest upside is that these inspired versions
come for a far lesser cost than the original one. Plus, buyers have the advantage of custom-
designing, which means they can control the cost from escalating by choosing gemstones that
are easily affordable.
More newer models resembling this gigantic ring are likely to arrive in the market pretty soon.
While the bigger brands are busy polishing up the celebrity engagement ring designs taking
them to a new level, the smaller and independent designers are content making inspired pieces
that are both gorgeous, as well as competitively priced. As for the diamond, affording a chunky
one is not so hard when you pick from the SI category which, contrary to popular notion, stocks
some excellent eye-clean diamonds.

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