Hillary Duff’s Dainty Vintage Gold Ring Sparks Rumors of Engagement with Boyfriend Matthew Koma

Hillary Duff’s Dainty Vintage Gold Ring Sparks Rumors of Engagement with Boyfriend Matthew Koma, News 134

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Everybody is talking about Hillary Duff’s new Instagram click. In a recent posted photo, the singer cum

actor appeared wearing a diamond studded band in her ring finger. The caption under the photo said,

“This vintagey looking sparkly number from @foxandbond has me smiling today,” So, we know that the

ring is a classy number from Fox and Bond. But, aside from that, not much about her relationship status

with her boyfriend Matthew Koma is known, except that they look all loved up together. With a baby on

its way, could there be more surprises round the corner?

The Internet is abuzz with questions like that. On the wake of that post, most of us can’t help wondering

if they are engaged or could she be walking down the aisle in the near future. While those questions

have to wait, let’s not waste time getting an up-close vis-à-vis with the vintage-looking ring.

From Fox & Bond, the ring is an antique inspired piece that comes no doubt from the fine jewelry

section. The ring does not feature a center stone as such which is a nice break from the rock mania that

is infecting the whole of the celebrity world right now. Moving aside from the trend, Hillary has chosen

to go with a rather simple looking yellow gold band, but even so, the ring is not plain in any way. It has a

distinct antique look about it, which explains the karat of gold used for it. What make the band sparkly

and gives it’s a romantic character are a few diamonds that beset the band. The round band is sparsely

set with small diamonds which appear at the front of the band. All in all, the ring is a lovely piece, a

welcoming break from the battle of rock-size diamonds.

Get a little closer and you will see that there is an arrangement in the stones. There are a total of 5

diamonds that face the front of the ring. The diamonds are graduating in size with the one at the center

being the largest and those in the end, the smallest. The center stone looks smaller than .50 carat.

What sparked the conjectures further is the fact that the ring comes from the engagement section of its

makers. Fox & Bond which is a jewelry company that makes antique-inspired rings has a fine collection

of vintagey engagement rings. This one is from the engagement section. As for the price, a little digging

revealed that the piece Duff is wearing in the picture is labeled $1,535.

If you are into skinny bands with small diamond works on them, then you will be surprised with an

enormous collection of those rings. The stores are suffused with such minimal designs, even in the

engagement ring section. For most of them, you don’t even have to pay so much. Shop around or go for

custom-design to get a ring like Hillary Duff’s at a minimal expense.


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