Taraji P. Henson’s Stunning Engagement Bling

Taraji P. Henson’s Stunning Engagement Bling, News 131

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Mother’s Day this year brought avery special surprise for Taraji P. Henson. Her boyfriend, the former NFLplayer, Kelvin Hayden proposed to her and she said yes. So that was a doublecelebration for the award-winning actress who also has a son, Marcel Johnsonfrom her former marriage. Soon after her engagement, Taraji posted a photo ofher ring on Instagram declaring her engagement with her now fiancé. After theCartier love bracelet that Hayden surprised her with, we were convinced that hehas a fine taste in jewelry. In choosing the ring however, he outdid the formerby a good measure.

Taraji P. Henson’s engagementring is a lovely traditional gold ring featuring a round-cut diamond on it.Bereft of any distracting embellishments, the ring features a rock which lookseasily 5 carats. For the band, Hayden chose rose gold which was a nice spin tothe traditional diamond solitaire engagement rings that was once to die for.The ring makes up for its simplicity with the size of the rock. It’s so bigthat one tabloid was quoted saying that one can “skate on top” of the ring.

When the rest of the movie starsare opting for fancy-cut diamonds and others are joining the colored gem trend,Henson’s engagement ring is a welcome deviation from all the grandiose. As grandas they are, her ring beats all others by its dainty features and sparklingaesthetics. The ring has a skinny band which is so common with solitaires withsizeable center stones. Enough cannot be said about the round brilliant cutdiamond of her ring. Even when the extra detailing is missing, the rock alonegives the ring the fire it needs to shine bright and look out of theworld. 

From the close-up shot of thering Taraji shared on her Instagram profile, it is pretty obvious that the ringwill catch the eye from a good distance. Taraji was photographed showing offher new bling at the Fox Upfronts event where she sported a walnut brownAltuzarras gown. The choice of her gown, coupled with the lack of otherjewelries made the ring all the more pronounced. Although details of the ringare yet to come to us, we can’t help but be totally smitten by Hayden’s choiceof jewelry.

Well, we are very happy for youand Hayden, Taraji and we congratulate both of you on your engagement. We hopethat wedding is around the corner. We will keep an ear out lest to catch anyhint on the upcoming wedding. Meanwhile to the readers, keep an eye out forreplica for Taraji P. Henson-inspired rings that are soon to arrive in stores.Although round-cut diamond solitaires are not rare to find in the stores, thisone has some qualities that is quite original to it. So, we expect designers totake into account the subtle but unmissable qualities of this piece andmoderate their future solitaires to design rings that are close to this one.

 Taraji P. Henson’s Stunning Engagement ring

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