Mandy Moore’s “Understated” Engagement Ring Is Simply Bedazzling

Mandy Moore’s “Understated” Engagement Ring Is Simply Bedazzling , News 129

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Mandy Moore’s engagement to boyfriend Taylor Goldsmith is no news. The couple got engaged last year September, but that’s last year’s news. Only recently the actress wrote a column sharing the adorable story behind her engagement and her fans went ga-ga on it. So, we thought it was a good time to write something to show how much she adore him as a couple and love her superbly elegant engagement ring.

Last year, between moving into a new place, Mandy Moore’s boyfriend of two years, Taylor Goldsmith asked her the big question. It was the time of fall. As the star of the romantic classic A Walk to Remember now admits, she was “caught off-guard” by the proposal, but the sight of the ring totally melted her heart and the answer was a resounding yes. Although the actress admitted that she didn’t want to get engaged at the time, it was the ring which totally changed her mind. If you have seen the ring, you probably already know what she is talking about. If you don’t, it’s high time you should.

So, let’s take a do-over of Mandy Moore’s jaw-droopingly elegant engagement ring from Goldsmith. The “understated” ring as she calls it features a lovely round diamond at the center set on a polished subtle rose gold band. The highlight of the ring is the stone which unlike a traditional round-cut diamond has a flat base.

The stone is faceted, but more like a rose cut than a round cut. Perfectly round, the flat bottom of the ring gives it a transparency for her skin to show through it. Although transparent and white, the cut of the stone coupled with the exposure of the skin through it lends it a lovely beige hue. To top it, the blush of the rose gold band blends with it to give the ring a very distinctive look and feel.
The rose gold band is accented all around with small white diamonds which accentuated the beauty of the center stone.
The ring is designed by Irene Neuwirth who also happens to be Moore’s one of favorite designers. Goldsmith involved himself completely in the project picking out all the details that he wanted in the ring. From the cut to the metal, he picked everything out by himself. Once the ring was ready, he knew the ring presents the best occasion to pop the big question. So, one day in September last year, he went down on one knee and proposed.

Mandy fell in love instantly, all over again with Goldsmith and the ring for its elegant looks. The ring besides being pretty has a character that very well matches with that of Mandy. It is sophisticated, natural, effortlessly beautiful and free from any excess. The ring does not try to impress but impressed naturally. Her fans and lovers of dainty jewelries are looking forward to find similar looking engagement rings in the market.


Mandy Moore's engagement ring

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