Meghan Markle Borrows Princess Diana’s Aquamarine Sparkler

Meghan Markle Borrows Princess Diana’s Aquamarine Sparkler, News 125

Wednesday, May 30, 2018


The last royal wedding was a hugespectacle. People from all over the country gathered outside the Windsor Palaceto catch glimpse of the newlyweds and their prestigious guests flew in fromdifferent parts of the world to be a part of the event. The bride was of coursethe highlight of the ceremony.

Meghan’s satin bridal dress wowedthe onlookers, as did her royal jewelry suite. After the wedding, the newlymarried changed into clothes more festive before heading out for the receptionparty. Meghan’s dress was still white as is the code of the royal brides.However, her jewelries changed.

Of all the things she had on, theblue ring on her right finger caught special attention. Meghan’s engagementring wasn’t an heirloom from the royal vault and that disheartened many. But,fans can now draw some solace from the fact that this blue ring which shedawned for the reception was once her deceased mother-in-law’s.

A gold ring was a rock-sizeaquamarine on top, the ring is truly breathtaking. As she waved at the crowdfrom her ride, a silvery blue Jaguar drop top, people can’t help but noticethat the tones of her ring and her ride coincide.

To describe the ring, it featuresa large Aquamarine cut in emerald shape. The ring, a part of an aquamarinesuite was sported by Diana in 1997 at an auction. The other component of theset is an aquamarine bracelet which is adorned with five pearl strands. Beforethe auction, she also wore it to a gala dinner in 1996 in Australia. As ritualgoes, a bride is supposed to wear something blue on her wedding day. Although,in Meghan’s case, it happened later, but it happened alright. The blueaquamarine ring was a brilliant blue touch to her flowing white gown.

To match her blue treasure,Meghan paired her halter neck, open back gown with a pair of satin shoes withmesh detailing by Aquazurra which has baby blue soles. While the ring was aperfect way to compliment her suave second look, it was also a great way toremember Prince Harry’s mother on their wedding day. Insiders told that theaquamarine was her something borrowed and blue for the day.

The ring is from the house ofAsprey and once belonged to the late Princess mother. The emerald cut aquamarineis set on a yellow band ring of plain features. However, the ring is beset withsolitaire diamonds all very small in size. The gold used in for the ring is 24Karat pure gold.

You can expect for replica ringsto land in the stores very soon. While the jewelers are at work, they may evenfashion out a couple of variants of the Aquamarine ring giving buyers anopportunity to find something recognizably similar but interestingly differentfrom Meghan’s blue ring. The cost of the ring will however be far less fromthat of the origin because of the use of aquamarine as the central stone.

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