Some Very Fashionable Engagement Ring Styles in Radiant Cut

Some Very Fashionable Engagement Ring Styles in Radiant Cut , News 122

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Some Very FashionableEngagement Ring Styles in RadiantCut

After princess cut, the radiant cut is the next most gorgeous shape in diamonds that have well defined corners and liner lines. If you are not too much into rounded cuts, then the radiant cut is a great option to explore after the iconic princess cut. With an elongated square shape and a brilliance to die for, this fancy cut has occupied the hearts of millions who are willing to move from the classic cuts to something more refreshing and interesting. Now let’s take a look at some very fashionable engagement rings that are designed using a radiant cut diamond.

Radiant Cut Ring with a Luxe Band:
The daintiest of all models is a radiant cut diamond on a skinny undetailed band. Take that a notch higher and what you have a radiant cut ring with a luxuriant band. Micro-paving can transform a simple band into something delicate and sparkling. The radiant cut diamond at the center only compliments the embellishments on the band, together dialing up the sparkle and shine.

pic Luxe band engagement ring

Radiant Cut Ring with Baguette and Round Accenting:
For those who are looking for a radiant cut ring that can be set apart from all the rest, this one is worth a close look. Adorned with a sizeable radiant cut at the center, this design employs diamonds of two other cuts on the bands to create an eye-catching image. Baguette and round-cut diamonds are arranged in a sequence with delicate divides in between to tune up the brilliance of the ring while keeping it very modern in look and feel. 


With Baguettes and rounds

Radiant Cut with Micro-Paving
Micro-paving is another effective way of enhancing the aesthetics of a ring with great results. This model uses a radiant cut stone at the heart and micro-paved diamonds on the band. For that extra sparkle, the design uses micro-paving on all three sides of the bands which helps make the band appear thicker and heavier. The adorned gallery of diamonds coupled with the radiant-cut stone in the middle conjures a picture worth admiration. The beauty of this ring is that it sparkles from all possible angles and the center stone only tops it with its independent brilliance.


Sculpted Ribbon Radiant Cut Ring
This design is so graceful that it’s hard to say no to. This sculpted ribbon radiant cut ring is a beauty to behold. Decorated with a band that is divided and twisted on the shoulders to create an entwining motif, this ring uses a graceful radiant cut gem at the center. Devoid of any engraving and accenting, this ring is an example of minimal and modern designs.


Radiant Cut with White and Blue Halo
For a more elaborate style, try this vibrant halo which uses a border of diamonds dotted with vibrant blue sapphires around the edge which creates a second border to the frozen halo. What heightens the glimmer to a magical level is the interaction 

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