What’s Trending in Engagement Rings This Summer of 2018

What’s Trending in Engagement Rings This Summer of 2018, News 121

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Fineries are the true reflection of the mental makeup of a people in a given time. This year, the engagement rings are bearing the torch, announcing the wind of change that is sweeping over the global population. If you are planning to get engaged this year, then it’s important that you learn all about what’s going on in that section of rings. What was hot last year is no longer on top this year. The list has been refreshed and what we have is a new collection of styles that are every way breathtaking and swoon worthy as the last.
So, here is an updated listing of the hottest trends in the engagement ring section in 2018. These trends are visible all across the country and even outside.

Rosy Gems on Rose Rings
What’s particularly interesting about the trends this year is that they are quite removed from those styles that were hot this year. The rise of pink gems on pink gold bears testimony to this reality. Rose gold was already gaining ground among brides since last year. What’s new in 2018 is pink gems on this variety of gold. A large of number of morganite gemstones in numerous shades of pink has come up to satisfy this demand. However, there are adequate natural choices in diamond, sapphire, tourmaline and other precious gems, in case you are thinking real gems to put on your rose gold ring.

Dainty Silhouettes
Another style that is growing into a trend and is going to be constant all through this calendar year is dainty silhouettes. Buyers’ are still fixating on minimalism in jewelries and to satisfy that, jewelers have come up with slight and delicate silhouettes that are at once petite and elegant. Skinny bands, skinny halos, subtle ornamentation, micro-paving are some of the elements that are the building blocks of dainty silhouettes.

Stackable Bands
Even if you are a fan of just skinny bands, you don’t have to really make an exception for your engagement rings. Numerous styles of engagement rings that fit the skinny and band descriptions are available for the minimalist bride. These bands are thin, dotted with gems and are stackable in style. So, they can be stacked with a bunch of other slim bands or your wedding band and you will still be comfortable to wear them around all day. Skinny engagement bands come in various shapes and styles all of which are very modern and very minimal.

Three Stones in New Style
This year, the three-stone style has assumed a new form altogether. Spurted by Meghan Markle’s spectacularly modern and stylish three-stone engagement ring, this design has gone back to its place of prominence. However, this year, you will see more of three stone engagement rings with fancy cut gems than the classic princess cut. A mix of cuts is increasingly finding prominence in this setup. You can stick to the traditional three-stone style if you like or upgrade with something trendier for your engagement. Explore the range to find some really exciting and interesting designs in 3 stone rings.

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