Engagement Ring Trends 2018

Engagement Ring Trends 2018, News 114

Saturday, February 10, 2018

There are already so many styles out there in engagement rings some of which have found a fond place in the hearts of women. This year, a fresh gamut of styles will land the stores, and hold your breath because some of them will blow your mind right away. So, without further ado, let’s take you through some of the most anticipated engagement ring trends of this year. Those of your girls who are getting engaged this year, you are enormously lucky for the styles that are expected to roll out this year are just downright striking and swoon-worthy, even the most minimal ones.

Go Vintage with Oval-Cut:
Vintage is going to be high up in the trend this year, and oval cut is going to be the face of vintage-inspired engagement rings. That is good news for many who are obstructed by the predatory pricing of big carat diamonds to get a boastfully big engagement ring. The oval-cut has a significant carat advantage, and knowing that it would be high in fashion this year, you can save yourself the awkwardness of picking a less popular cut just to save a few bucks.


Vintage look Oval engagement ring

Rose Gold Takes a Second Lead: 

It’s already official now that yellow gold is going to be the primary metal in jewelries this year. Second to that would be rose gold. Knowing how favorite it is too many, rose gold engagement rings are going to make up a significant part of the collection this year. So, if you are looking for something very feminine and fashionable, browse through this section to come across startling finds.
Diamonds-USA offer all gold jewels in Rose Gold color.

Rose gold Vintage look halo engagement ring

Colored Gems on the Rise:

In addition to diamonds, colored gems are going to shine this year. So, expect to see lot of colors in the engagement ring genre this year. Bright colors will rule this year. So, if the engagement ring genre has started to look a little colorless at this point, hold your breath and there shall be some pretty fantastic things coming up in the near future. Make use of this to pick a standout engagement ring this year.

Colored gemstone engagement ring


If you haven’t heard of the stack style in rings yet, this year you will. Stack-style rings are going to be one of the highlights in the engagement ring section. Customize at will to mix and match designs and style to create an original version of tiara-style engagement ring. These rings normally feature half-halos coupled with an ornate band at the bottom, wielded together to form a stack-up style.

Engagement & wedding rings stack

Twisted Details:

 Last year, we all have seen a lot of twisted and split shank rings in the engagement ring segment. This year, these styles have been taken up and improved up to create some spectacular rings that will be quite difficult to take your eye off. There will much in the way of classical style as well some very contemporary ones. So, if you are going to look in this genre, I’d suggest you have some time in hand.


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