3 Ring Styles Inspired by Sophie Turner

3 Ring Styles Inspired by Sophie Turner, News 106

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The girl who played the hardened and calculative Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones is nothing like her in real life, save for her blue-blooded taste in fashion, of course. In a recent Instagram post, Sophie Turner announced her engagement to her boyfriend Joe Jonas, the singer from the good old Jonas Brothers and now a frontman for DNCE. The couple’s whirlwind romance for a year is now officially set in the direction of the altar. Congratulations to them and best wishes for a future together. But, that’s not only good news we have heard from Sophie Turner this year. The actress has also been the inspiration behind 3 new ring styles that have breathed some freshness into the gradually stereotyping ring selection in stores.
The actress’s exquisite engagement ring set with a sizeable pear shaped diamond has sparked the imaginations of jewelers across the world. Weeks later, the consumers are greeted with 5, arty, fresh as flowers ring styles that are taking the market by storm. Here are 3 of the ring styles that are supposedly inspired by the actor’s rare pear-cut engagement ring. Each of these styles are a creative compilation of the most sparkling features of her engagement ring.


The Ballad Ring
This style is one of the current favorites among the buyers. Crafted by taking a note from the diamond accents in Sophie turner’s rung, this piece is a physical embodiment of luxury and opulence. This style, though improvised in more than just one ways, ideally feature scalloped micro diamonds paved along the band in a single row. The sparkling row of stones extend to the three-fourth of the band giving the ring a shimmering front. The center of the ring is occupied by the highlight of course, a sparkling pear-shaped diamond, which looks fascinating against the delicate, gem-ingrained band.


The Pear Halo Engagement ring Style
The halo style isn’t seen often with a pear-cut diamond, but that was until Sophie Turner flasher her sparkler at the world. With that came this unique style of engagement ring featuring a lovely diamond halo around the center pear-cut stone. This style ideally has a split-shank band with two rows of pave diamonds accenting the three-fourth of the band. The split shank band adds a very modern touch to the version the Game of Throne’s star is showing off. However, this glammed up style is definitely worth a try.


The Sparkling Band Solitaire
The obsession for diamonds reaches its pinnacle with this stunner ring. Mounted with a lovely pear-cut engagement ring at the center, this ring sparkles from all angles. This gorgeous ring is engrafted with micro-pave diamonds that occupy all the three outer sides of the band giving the ring an extraordinary shine and fire. The pear diamond is set in a claw prong which, if anything, is a graceful addition to the design. The claws hug the stone from six sides securing it tightly in its throne.


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