Amanda Seyfried’s Dainty Gold Band Engagement Ring

Amanda Seyfried’s Dainty Gold Band Engagement Ring , News 104

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Although her engagement happened sometime around this time of the year and between then and now, she is happily married and pregnant, her engagement artefact is still one of the most talked about jewelry in celebrity fashion in recent times. Seyfried is known to be a shy and private person in real life. She has a spectacular sense in fashion, something that doesn’t conform with the tradition, but does not transgress it by any extreme measure. Like herself, Seyfried’s engagement ring was totally untraditional. Unlike most celebrities, Seyfried’s ring was not overloaded with gems. In fact, it didn’t have a gem at all. The ring however, has the same demureness and sophistication of its wearer.

Amanda Seyfried stepped out for the first time since her engagement when she made an appearance in an event at the Heaven on Earth Gala. She was spotted wearing a plan gold band on her fourth finger. Cameras flashed all around her as she posed in a ruffled Dior dress and chic pointed-toe pumps. However, all eyes were on the dainty gold band she sported on her ring finger. The ring has no gem on it, which came as a huge surprise for her fans and others because solitaires are the newest trademark of celebrity engagements these days.

However, Seyfried and her now husband Thomas Sadoski decided to go the other way to celebrate their love and bond. The ring was, unconventional to say the least. It was understated, and definitely something that went well with the personalities of both the actors. The Le Miserable star or her husband weren’t the ones who got the news out in public. Before the gala event, Seyfriend was first seen wearing her stunner when she was out walking her dog around NYC. Later, the reports were confirmed by close friends who were happy to announce their engagement. The couple had gotten engaged secretly and had only shared the news with family and close friends.

Like their engagement, their wedding was pretty private two. According to Sadoski, the couple eloped on their nuptial day. They went out into the country where they only has an officiant to perform the ceremony secretly. It came as no surprise that her wedding band too was a skinny stunner like her engagement ring. The actor was seen wearing a dainty silver band after the ceremony and later, People magazine confirmed that the two have gotten married over the weekend.

When Sadoski came an appearance on James Corden’s The Late Late Show, he confirmed the news. The newly married husband was also heard saying nice things about this new bride. “Listen, she’s the person that I love, admire, respect most in the world,” he said when mentioning that they both wrote their own wedding vows for the event.

We wish them both a very happy marital journey down the coming years. Although we didn’t get to see many pictures from the wedding, we did learn that celebrity weddings can be simple affairs too.


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