Rumors about R-Pat and FKA Twigs’ Engagement Confirmed

Rumors about R-Pat and FKA Twigs’ Engagement Confirmed, News 101

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Twigs and Robert Pattinson’s engagement is true. The couple, got engaged in the month of February and

within days, the word got out when rapper T-Pain who knows  the couple closely let out their secret.

Robert popped the question after only 5 months of dating. Although 5 months may seem like a very

short time to most, knowing that the Internet is going crazy about that bit, but sometimes you know

when it’s right. FKA, 27 and Robert, 28 got engaged after the Twilight actor went down on his knee and

asked the big question in the classic style.
R-Pat and FKA Twigs

Robert didn’t wait for a time and place for this sweet  gesture. When you know that you wish to spend

the rest of your life with the woman in front of you,  every moment is perfect to express that feeling.

Robert took out his engagement rock ring and proposed  on his one knee when they were alone in the room.

This bit came from an insider who was totally  touched by his move.

A wedding is right around the corner it seems because word is that Robert is already making wedding

plans. Although he is extremely secretive about it, and save for his family and a few friends, no one has

the details, but it is true that a wedding can happen pretty soon.  Not much about the engagement could

either be recovered from internal sources. When Pattison  proposed, only two of them were present in

the room. Not much was divulged to others about the proposal, and the two intend to guard their

privacy for until they find the time to be right to make an announcement.

The ring with which Pattison proposed is a pretty non-traditional one.

However, there is still no news about when the wedding  will be held. To some it seemed like it could be

this year, but some inside information suggested that it’s happening next year. Until any concrete

information comes to our hand, all we are left with  is make guesses.

Fans around the world are wild 
with excitement about  the two getting engaged.

Regardless of whenever they set the date, we congratulate the couple on their engagement 

and a good luck for the upcoming marriage.

R-Pat and FKA Twigs

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