Alrosa Set to Put Up Russia’s Most Expensive Diamond on Online Auction

Alrosa Set to Put Up Russia’s Most Expensive Diamond on Online Auction, News 100

Monday, August 28, 2017

eCommerce is fast gaining grounds among Internet users of all generation. People like to get their miscellanies from online store because it’s faster and easier. That reality is gradually shaping up for buyers of all tastes, preferences and affordability. People now a days like to buy expensive assets like jewelries, cars and even homes online. This shift has leveraged many industries and the businesses associated with them.

Taking advantage of a gradually forming online marketplace, Alrosa, a group of diamond mining companies from Russia has announced the auction of a 51.38 carat diamond online.

The miner came up with the announcement early this month giving diamond lovers from all over the world a heads up for the upcoming auction. The event will be an extension of Alrosa’s program to create a strong business for its fine and high-end gems.

About the diamond, it is a D-color, Tripe Ex, VVS1 clarity, round brilliant cut gem that weighs exactly 51.38 carat. Alrosa’s round brilliant cut diamond has 57 odd facets that explain its extraordinary scintillation. Records confirm that it is the most expensive diamond that has been cut in Russian to this day. Alrosa is calling its upcoming release The Dynasty.

The Dynasty is going to be the cynosure of the collection that includes 5 different diamonds, all produced by Alrosa and cut and polished in their facilities. So, along with The Dynasty, which by the way is also going to be the name of the entire collection, these 5 jewels are going up for the auction. A date has not yet been scheduled for the online auction but it is set to be held some time in November.

All the six stones that form The Dynasty collection originate from the same rough which originally weighed 179 carat. The Romanov or the parent rough was discovered from the kimberlite pipe called Nyurbinskaya in Yakutia. Alrosa has been holding on these pieces since 2015, the year they were mined.
The Dynasty owes its names to the Russian dynasties that had a major role in forming and improving the Russian jewelry industry. After these dynasties, the other gems in the collection are named The Shremetevs, The Vorontsovs, The Yusupovs and The Orlovs. They weigh 16.67 carats, 1.73 carats, 1.39 carats and 5.05 carats, respectively.

The decision to hold an online auction for the largest polished diamond of Russia is taken by the Director of the company Pavel Vinikhin who is newly appointed in the cutting division. Vinikhin in an interview said that he is hopeful about the online auction and hopes that it will actively develop the process of polishing of colored and high-end, large-sized diamonds.

As the marketing strategist and head of the cutting division, Vinikhin’s job is to generate sales and increasing company profits through tailored business strategies.

The company, under Vinikhin’s leadership is trying to combine state of the art cutting technologies with the jewelers’ secrets from the imperial court of Russia to create something unique that revives the tradition as well as embraces modernity.


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