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The traditional choice for all occasions and preferred by many for their personal investment portfolio. The depth percentage of round diamonds should range between 58 to 63 percent and the table percentage should range between 55 to 64 percent. The most desired percentages are the 60 percent, and perfectionists will look for depth of 59 through 62 percent and table of 56 through 58 percent. Round diamonds are the best seller of all diamond shapes. The vast majority of sold diamonds are rounds.

In the search below no field is mandatory, you may select the Round diamond by budget to get results. Which you may narrow the results by limiting any other fields, to get an eye clean and white diamond you may choose H or better color (D to H) and SI1 or better clarity (IF,VVS or VS),if you are on a budget that does not give results go down to SI2 which many are also eye clean or go down with the color to I or J.

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Round cut diamonds, loose and set

Round Diamonds 
One can never go wrong with their choice of a round cut diamond. Such is the popularity and supreme beauty it beholds. The term diamond has always been associated with sparkle and it is the round brilliant cut that best exemplifies it. They are the most versatile of all the diamond shapes we have today.

Round diamonds have a history that dates back to as early as the 17th century.That was a time when diamond cutters had initiated their search for the most accurate way of cutting diamonds. The eventual discovery of the ‘old mine’ orthe ‘old European cut’ in the 1700s led to the unveiling of a series of other cuts. With the publication of the thesis “Diamond Design: A Study of theReflection and Refraction of Light in Diamond” by Marcel Tolkowsky, a noted engineer and diamond cutter, the popularity of the round diamond soared. 

With the advancement in technology, a more modified version emerged. The modern round brilliant cut has 58 facets which are distributed amongst the girdle,crown and pavilion. When there is no culet, it comes with 57 facets. The standard ratio that lies between 1.00 and 1.02 is said to exhibit the maximum shine. The round brilliant cut is an embodiment of un paralleled beauty and sparkle.

Some Fascinating Facts about the Round Diamond:

  • Round cut diamond alone constitutes approximately 80% of all diamonds sold. In other words, vas magorfity of the diamond sold are round cut diamonds. This is one diamond cut that will never age with time.
  • Optimized for light refraction, the round brilliant cut delivers supreme fire and scintillation. The impressive intensity of fire and brilliance, hides traces of colors, inclusions and blemishes in the diamond. And because of the exceptional display of light, a diamond of low clarity, color and even cut can still manage to lure you with its sparkle.
  • In the making and cutting of the round brilliant cut diamond, a lot of the rough stone is lost thereby, making it the most expensive diamond of all the diamond shape. A 1.00 carat, VS2 clarity, F-color and excellent round brilliant cut diamond will cost approximately 25-35% more than any other fancy shape diamonds
  • Lastly, the round brilliant cut is the oldest of all the diamond shapes.

Tips to Buy a Round Diamond:

First of all, do not confuse a round diamond with that of a round brilliantcut. Make sure you know what you are buying because a round diamond need not necessarily be the same as as the round brilliant cut diamond. Lastly, ensure that the diamond you are buying is certified and has the tag of reputed diamondl aboratories like EGL, AGS, IGI or GIA.

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Compare ShapeCaratColorClarity CutCertificatePriceDetails
RoundRound 0.63KSI1 Ideal EGL USD 587 View
RoundRound 0.51ISI1 C.E Ideal EGS/EGL USD 610 View
RoundRound 0.55FVS2 C.E Ideal Cut EGS/EGL USD 611 View
RoundRound 0.62ESI1 C.E Very Good EGS/EGL USD 667 View
RoundRound 0.55DVS2 C.E Ideal Cut EGS/EGL USD 677 View
RoundRound 0.66HSI1 C.E Ideal EGS/EGL USD 678 View
RoundRound 0.61DSI1 C.E Very Good EGS/EGL USD 695 View
RoundRound 0.70DSI2 C.E Very Good EGS/EGL USD 699 View
RoundRound 1.07KSI1 Very Good EGL USD 700 View
RoundRound 0.70GSI2 C.E Very Good EGS/EGL USD 750 View
RoundRound 0.70IVS2 C.E Ideal EGS/EGL USD 799 View
RoundRound 0.53FSI1 Ideal EGS/EGL USD 799 View
RoundRound 0.71DSI2 Ideal EGL USD 950 View
RoundRound 0.46DSI1 Ideal EGL USD 952 View
RoundRound 0.73ESI2 Ideal EGL USD 975 View
RoundRound 1.06FSI2 C.E Ideal Cut EGS/EGL USD 1,095 View
RoundRound 0.71FVS1 C.E Ideal EGS/EGL USD 1,188 View
RoundRound 1.04KSI1 Ideal EGL USD 1,200 View
RoundRound 0.70DSI1 Ideal EGL USD 1,370 View
RoundRound 0.70DSI1 Ideal EGL USD 1,385 View
RoundRound 0.74DSI1 Ideal EGL USD 1,400 View
RoundRound 1.00NVS2 Ideal EGL USD 1,600 View
RoundRound 0.70HVS1 Ideal EGL USD 1,650 View
RoundRound 0.72FVS1 Ideal EGL USD 1,950 View
RoundRound 1.02DVS2 C.E Very Good EGS/EGL USD 2,200 View
RoundRound 1.01DVS2 C.E Ideal EGS/EGL USD 2,300 View
RoundRound 0.70FSI1 Ideal GIA USD 2,346 View
RoundRound 0.80GVVS2 Ideal EGL USD 2,525 View
RoundRound 2.73GI1 C.E Very Good EGS/EGL USD 2,850 View
RoundRound 1.18ISI1 Ideal EGL USD 2,926 View
Page 2 of 136 (4071 total) < 1 2 3 4 5 > ... >>
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