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Compare ImagesCaratColorClarity CutCertificatePriceDetails
0.70FSI2 Very Good EGL USD 1,126 View
0.72ISI1 Ideal EGL USD 1,174 View
0.70ISI1 Ideal EGL USD 1,179 View
0.70DSI2 Ideal EGL USD 1,183 View
0.70MSI1 Very Good GIA USD 1,183 View
0.70LSI1 Very Good GIA USD 1,192 View
0.70MSI2 Ideal GIA USD 1,231 View
0.77LVS1 Good GIA USD 1,266 View
0.70FSI2 Very Good EGL USD 1,287 View
0.71IVS1 Ideal EGL USD 1,298 View
0.71LSI2 Very Good GIA USD 1,308 View
0.72IVS1 Ideal EGL USD 1,316 View
0.74MSI1 Very Good GIA USD 1,323 View
0.72FSI2 Very Good EGL USD 1,324 View
0.70FSI2 Ideal EGL USD 1,351 View
0.70HSI1 Ideal EGL USD 1,363 View
0.70GSI2 Ideal EGL USD 1,363 View
0.71IVVS1 Ideal EGL USD 1,366 View
0.71ISI1 Ideal EGL USD 1,373 View
0.71GSI2 Ideal EGL USD 1,382 View
0.70FSI2 Ideal EGL USD 1,384 View
0.70GSI1 Ideal EGL USD 1,387 View
0.81ISI1 Ideal EGL USD 1,390 View
0.71LVVS2 Very Good GIA USD 1,392 View
0.70KSI1 Very Good GIA USD 1,415 View
0.70HVVS1 Ideal EGL USD 1,427 View
0.70HSI1 Ideal EGL USD 1,431 View
0.70HSI1 Ideal EGL USD 1,431 View
0.70HSI1 Ideal EGL USD 1,431 View
0.71HVVS2 Very Good EGL USD 1,432 View
Page 2 of 72 (2160 total) < 1 2 3 4 5 > ... >>
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How to Search Loose Diamonds at Diamonds-USA?

When it comes to loose diamonds, the ultimate quality parameter is the 4C’s. It is the final indicator of a diamond’s precisely quality. For those of you who are new to the business of buying diamonds, the 4Cs are color, clarity, cut and carat. You want to evaluate a particular diamond, approach it from these four angles and the resulting information you take is the foundation of a good purchase decision. So, when shopping around for loose diamonds, do pay attention to these vitals in order to land the most brilliant diamond you can buy on your budget.

So, how do you search for that perfect diamond on Diamonds-USA? That’s pretty simple. It involves just a couple of easy steps. Diamonds-USA has the four precise parameters in the search filter, which make it possible to search by the precise specs you are after. 

No loose diamond search field is mandatory.

Here is a step-by-step guide to looking up loose diamonds by 4Cs on Diamonds-USA.

Loose diasmonds search steps
Loose diamonds search infographic

Step 1

Start by selecting the shape of the loose diamond you are looking for. You will see a bunch of options in the search box. Just click on the shape that catches your fancy and it will show you results of the selected shape only. You can choose one or more shapes for a single search. 

Step 2

At the second step, set your budget margin of your loose diamond. Set a lowest and highest you want to go and hit search. The search function will present you with all the choices on the website matching your precise criteria. But there are still ways to narrow down your search further. So, read on.

The loose diamonds Cut is preset to “Very Good” and “Ideal”. You can trust those two parameters with closed eyes because that’s where some of the most brilliant diamonds are. 

Step 3

Set the color range to your liking. Our scale starts at D and ends at P, D being colorless and P being visibly colored. If you are looking for that sweet spot in between where the stones are visibly colorless but not astronomical in price, explore the ranges of F, G and H for those grades offer the best value for money. 

Step 4

Our loose diamonds clarity ruler starts at FL or Flawless where the diamonds are impeccably clear, but also high-budget and ends in I1-I2- I3, which has visibly included stones. If your priority is to get a decently clear stone for a reasonable price, then we recommend you to go for the grades VS2 to SI1. The most eye-clean loose diamonds occur in that range. In many cases SI2 will also be eye clean

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