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Diamond side stone rings are a truly glamorous choice of engagement ring.You can almost imagine the side stones as a diamond paved path, leading up to the central diamond that is elevated above the rest in a prong setting.

A little more on diamonds engagement rings with side stones:

Side stones make a dramatic influence on the look and feel of a ring. They not only add to the display, but also complement and accentuate it, giving the piece an aesthetically upgrade that is not possible for a solitary stone to achieve. The use of side stones in engagement and bridal rings is gaining grounds among buyers of all age groups. These stones have been tastefully introduced into contemporary and vintage-inspired rings to stylize pieces for maximum effect.  If you are thinking diamond engagement rings with side stones, then there are something you need to fill your mind with before you go out shopping.

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Types of Side Stone Settings

There are many types of settings for side stones. Some are more popular than the other, for their aesthetic effects and durability. Here are the top three choices of setting styles for flanking stones in rings.

Pave’: Pave’, a French word, means to cover something uniformly,like the stones in a pavement. It is a classic style of setting that is used to fit in small diamonds in pre-fashioned pegs in the band of rings. Pave’ setting is a technique to fit small stones securely and uniformly in a way so that they all come up to the same level, just like the cobble stones in a sidewalk.

Designers engagement ring with pave accent diamonds on one side
Pave set side diamonds ring

Channel: Channel setting is another technique that is often used to set side stones in rings. Just as the name suggests, in this technique, stones are set into channel-like features inside the ring. That gives the stones a fluid line-like appearance where in the stones sit one after the other in a seamless order. The absence of metal prongs and dividers give the arrangement a soft and smooth feel. Channel setting is a favorite option of jewelers, when working with men’s wedding bands. This setting is very secure and is a perfect fit for small, round-cut diamonds.

Engagement ring with big accent side diamonds in channel set
Channel set side diamonds ring

Open: There is a third kind, called the open setting. You may not have seen or heard of it much, but it is often used to set gems throughout the width of a ring. When the design of a ring includes gems all over the band,jewelers use open setting technique to place the gems one after the other in a linear line along the band. Open setting gives the feel of symmetry which adds a new dimension to the beauty of the design.

Engagement ring with open pave set accent diamonds
Open set side diamonds ring

Choices of Accent Gems

Almost all types of gems are used to flank center stone of a ring. As long as the colors work together, there shouldn’t be any limit to what stones can be used to accent a ring. Diamonds are preferably used when the stone in the middle is a blue sapphire a green emerald or a diamond, and even a red ruby. White diamonds add a sparkling factor to all opaque gems thus tuning up the scintillation. Aside diamonds, sapphires also make great flanking stones when the middle stone is an achromatic diamond. Other semi-precious stones that can be used for accent a bigger gem are amethysts, aquamarines, Lapis lazuli, labradorite and such.

Browse through our extensive collection of side stone rings. We also invite you to design a unique ring online now.

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