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We can do all our ring models in Rose Gold. Below are part of our models.
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Rose Gold Engagement rings is the number #1 in today’s jewelry trends

The world of jewelry and especially engagement rings is in constant evolution, although the classics never dies and elegance will always be synonymous with sobriety, some trends come to conquer us and be eternally that: Trend; Rose gold is one of these, if you did not know this wonder of science today you will do it and you will add a piece of rose gold to your wish list.

A wonder of science? That's right, rose gold is one of the most admired and desired precious metals in the world of jewelry, but it is not natural; to obtain it, an iron alloy work is necessary.

Among the nuances that can be found, the red or pink tones can be observed, this change depends on the amount of copper used in the alloy. If the amount of copper is greater, the gold becomes much pinker.

The origin: The origin of this trend goes back a couple of centuries ago when in Russia the jeweler Carl Fabergé who created the first alloy of gold and copper. In this era, this metal was called "Russian gold". After a short period of the Victorian era, gold did not achieve such popularity until the decade of the 20s.

It is inevitable to speak of this era without mentioning the ring Trinity de Cartier that boom generated when three rings interlaced with yellow, white and pink gold were used in it.

Rose gold white gold and yellow gold Cartier trio wedding bands

Rose, Yellow and white gold Cartier band

Why does everyone love Rose Gold engagement rings?

How could you dislike a beautiful piece made of rose gold? Its tender and elegant appearance makes it appropriate for every occasion and especially warm and unique for an engagement ring.

#1- It enhances your skin tone

Although this quality may sound a bit banal, it is a reality that when we acquire a piece of jewelry we look for the one that best suits our lifestyle and makes us look amazing. The classic rose gold engagement ring has a tone that is ideal for any type of skin, because this color has the ability to complement the different tones that human skin can have. It is suitable for everyone! Although, we must add that the tanned skins together with the shades of pink gold create a special magic.

Rose gold engagement and wedding rings set vintage style
Rose gold engagement rings enhances your skin tone


#2- Ideal for any taste and day by day wearing

It usually happens with some pieces of gold engagement rings, which may be considered perhaps too flashy for a given taste.

The bright yellow of traditional gold is beautiful, but sometimes it is too much. Something similar happens with white gold or Platinum but in a contrary sense, sometimes it is too sober.

The rose gold engagement ring turns out to be the perfect one for the marriage proposal occasion, its romantic tone makes it perfect for the simplest event or the most elegant one.

From a day at the office, to a party at night, including everything that is left in the middle. The rose gold engagement ring will look elegant but also up-to-date.

#3 Resistant and accessible

The resistance of copper makes Rose Gold engagement rings much stronger than yellow or white gold, and in addition, in certain situations (not all) it can be much more accessible than yellow gold, due to its combination with the bronze.

#4 Enduring in time
Rose gold is considered timeless, which is probably why pink gold is constantly in trend because it has adaptability. Looks perfect with flowers, diamonds, other metals ... etc.

And as for your wardrobe, this type of jewelry can easily go from being the ideal complement for your spring dress to be the element you need to complete a dress outfit. Everything will depend on the style and size of the jewel.

The versatility of the jewelry made in rose gold, makes it one of the favorites lately for engagement rings and watches.

#5 Only for women?

Currently in the market you can find beautiful watches for men made of rose gold and I can assure you that they are completely irresistible to the male public.

The trend of rose gold has been sheltered by the most famous jewelry house in the world, but among all we can find some highlights that are considered "object of desire"

Rose gold wedding bands for him and her

Man and Woman rose gold wedding bands

Poiray, Chaumet, Mauboussin, Cartier, Carrera, Suárez, Dior, and Boucheron are just some of the firms that are precursors in trends of rose gold enriched with other metals or some other precious stones.

#6 Vintage inspired engagement rings and Rose gold

Rose gold engagement rings that are most popular are the vintage-inspired kind where the rings are designed in likeness of vintage engagement rings. The rosy tone of gold together with antique patterns evoke a beautiful nostalgia that makes them too charming to pass. 

However, there are modern designs too in rose gold engagement ring where split shank, shallow setting and skinny bands dominate. While there are no features that typify these engagement rings, one thing that can be called a defining characteristic of a rose gold engagement ring is a balance in the design which keeps the rings from becoming too ornate or too plain.



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